The Eden Alternative

The Eden AlternativeThe Eden Alternative is a progressive movement that challenges us to be innovative and to implement programs and services that benefit our residents, empower employees and create living, growing communities. It is the goal of Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services (OPRS) for each campus to become a certified Eden Alternative Community.

According to founder William Thomas, MD, lower mortality rates and significant reductions in the use of medications have been noted in Eden certified facilities nationwide along with a decrease in staff turnover by up to 26 percent.

In an Eden Alternative community, residents of the health care center or assisted living area help in the daily care of dogs, cats, birds, live plants and flowers. Programs such as on-site childcare or after-school activities encourage continuing contact between children and residents.

By creating neighborhoods, people can further grow as human beings through companionship, variety and spontaneity, and opportunities to give as well as to receive care.

OPRS currently has seven campuses that are Eden Alternative certified – Breckenridge Village in Willoughby, Llanfair in Cincinnati, Mount Pleasant in Monroe, Park Vista in Youngstown, Rockynol in Akron, Swan Creek in Toledo and Westminster-Thurber in Columbus. Additional communities are beginning the certification process.