OPRS Chefs Bring Home the Gold, Silver & Bronze

Posted on March 11, 2013 in Senior Lifestyle Options for All Communities

Top culinary professionals from OPRS' Culinary and Nutritional Services competed for gold, silver and bronze medals.

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Chefs from Breckenridge Village, Cape May Retirement Village, Lake Vista of Cortland, Rockynol, Swan Creek and Westminster-Thurber Community participated in a timed cooking challenge.

Each chef team was made up of two chefs from our communities.

Chefs had 75 minutes to prepare, cook and present their entrees and sides. Winning dishes had to fit within the nutritional guidelines and cost less than $7 to produce.

Teams were judged on organization, culinary skills, taste and presentation.

Pan Seared Duck Breast with Wheat Berry Hash was one of the two bronze-medal winning dishes. Westminster-Thurber Community's Chef Jason Koprivich and Chef Kari White prepared the dish.

Bronze medal winning dish No. 2 was Pan Seared Scallops with Cannellini Bean Puree. The dish was prepared by Chef Ryan Wagner and Chef Matt Oloslin of Breckenridge Village.

Breckenridge Village's Chef Mike McDonald and Chef Dave Myers prepared the silver-medal winning dish of Cornish Game Hen and Swiss Chard.

Wonton Fish Tacos with Asian Root Vegetable Slaw was the GOLD-medal winner. The afternoon's No. 1 dish was created by Swan Creek Retirement Village's Chef Patrick Young and Chef Stacy Chesney.

Click here for a photo album of the event.

Culinary and Nutritional Services Director John Andrews also received an award, the 2013 CNS Leadership Award.

The competition was held at the Columbus Culinary Institute, off Stelzer Road in Columbus, Saturday, March 9, and was open to the public.


Best wishes, Jim, and good luck with your caeerr in the culinary world. Keep us posted here, so we can follow your progress, and, if I'm in your area, I will drop by where you're working for a taste of your success.
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Comment by Areya on March 4, 2014

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