Our review of California Numismatic Investments (Golddealer.com)

California Numismatic Investments at Golddealer.com is an American Numismatic for Tangible Assets Association member and founder of the California Coin & Bullion Merchant Association company that boasts 41 of experience helping both IRA and non-IRA investors own gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins, making them experts and an industry-leading company of its in its field.

They state that they also help make it easier for their clients to get the best value using their Live Bullion quote.

The company also promises that there are no commission charges, This way, their customers can enjoy some of the best deals around on their products.

Brief Overview of Golddealer.com (California Numismatic Investments)

Company name: California Numismatic Investments (golddealer.com)

BBB grade: A+

Summary: For a good deal and fast shipping on quality coin and bullion products, we recommend you consider investing with California Numismatic Investments because their many customer testimonies hail their service as one of the best. See our list below for more details.

Our score: 4/5

four out of five stars
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They Are Also Members of the ICTA And More

California Numismatic Investments golddealer logo

California Numismatic Investments is also a founder and member of ICTA, which is a national organization dedicated to the governing and ethical standards of the precious metals industry.

Meanwhile, the CEO of the company, Richard Schwary, is also a member of various professional associations, including The National Silver Dollar Roundtable, to which he has been a member for over 20 years, and the Numismatic Literary Guild, which is another authoritative group within the Numismatic industry.

They Have a Wide Inventory of Bullion and Coins

California Numismatic Investments boast that they also have one of the largest inventories of bullion and coins, which includes:

  • U.S. Gold Eagle Series
  • Austrian Philharmonics
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • Chinese Gold Panda
  • British Sovereign
  • 1 0z Silver American Eagles
  • Gold bars from Credit Suisse
  • 10 0z and 100 oz. silver bars
  • Pre-1933 bullion
  • Baird Rhodium Bar 1 oz.
  • Monster Box coins
  • Certified rare coins
  • 99.5%, 99.9%, and 98.95% purity IRA-approved bullion and coins
  • And more
a 2019 gold panda an american gold buffalo and a silver American Buffalo CNI IRA approved gold and silver coins

They also offer platinum and palladium products, including Canadian platinum Maple Leaf coins, U.S. platinum coins, Canadian 1 oz., Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf coins, 1 02 PAMP Suisse palladium bars, and more.

The company also states that their silver bullion is one of the largest in the country.

They Also Offer Investment Guides to Help You Get Started Investing

If you are new to investing in bullion and coins and don’t quite understand the gold and silver market or know how to get started owning precious metals, you can check out the investment guides on California Numismatic Investments’ site to help educate yourself before you invest.

There is also an ask an expert option that allows you to get answers to any questions you may have by simply filling out the online form and submitting it to an expert.

Precious Metals Graphs are also available to help you track the historical value of gold and silver over time. You can also compare their value to the market to see how you can benefit from adding them to your portfolio.

Pros about golddealer.com:

Equity Trust is Their Preferred Custodians for IRA Investors

Equity Trust company logo a directed IRA custodian

IRS rules state that self-directed IRA owners must appoint a custodian for their account to help manage it and obtain their investments on their behalf.

As a client of California Numismatic Investments, your custodian will be Equity Trust, whom the company has chosen for many reasons, including they have a simple application process and their storage and account management charges are low. They are also known for their outstanding customer service.

Their highly-trained IRA team can also complete the account signup process within a few hours compared to other custodians that take longer.

They also offer training materials and webinars on their site to help answer your questions and guide you through the steps of setting up your account.

However, the company states that it will work with other professional custodians as well.

Customers are Not Charged to Ship Their Bullion and Coins to the Depository

As part of a self-directed IRA, you must also store your alternative assets in a depository for safekeeping until you retire.

California Numismatic Investments state that, unlike other companies, they do not charge you to ship your coins and bullion to the depository. This also includes large silver investments, which typically cost more to ship due to the heavier weight and bulk.

As per IRS rules, the depository you choose for your self-directed IRA must be IRA-approved, meaning it provides maximum security both inside and out, and it is also insured to protect against theft, damage, and other losses to your assets.

Some popular IRA-approved depositories include the Delaware Depository, CNT Depository, IDS Depository, and AMGL.

They Also Offer Independent Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Storage

California Numismatic Investments state that it also offers independent storage via its partnership with CNT Depository.

This way, non-IRA investors also have the opportunity to securely store their coins and bullion in a safe, third-party depository where it is protected against banking and federal confiscations, political risks, and more.

The CNT Depository provides unmatched security and auditing, which makes it one of the best facilities in the world.

Their storage is also insured by Lloyd’s of London, and their charges are reasonable.

The company states that their account signup process is also easy, and each account is held privately.

You also enjoy shipping and insurance at no added cost when you invest in or trade coins or bullion at their office.

They Also Offer PCGS and NGC Grading and Certification

California Numismatic Investments state that they have been authorized PGCS and NGC dealers for more than 10 years, which means they have the expertise to recognize and grade various coins based on how they are priced and traded in the market.

Their expertise also extends to rare coins, so they can answer any questions regarding their worth, rare coin certification, and more.

The charges for this service are based on various factors, so be sure to inquire about them when submitting your coins to them for grading.

Expert Packaging and Shipping

The company also promises that if you choose to have your bullion and coins shipped directly to you, they will are insured at no cost until they arrive at your door.

They state that your gold, silver, platinum, or palladium coins and bullion will also be professionally packaged, so you receive them in excellent condition.

Trade Your Coins and Bullion Back to the Company

Should you choose, you can also trade your coins and bullion back to the company when you are ready to receive currency for them.

They state that you simply call them for a quote, which is based on the live price at the time you contact them.

Once you have locked in your quote, you can then trade all of some of your account’s assets, and they will wire the funds to your bank.

The entire process usually only takes a few minutes; however, there is a $25 charge for the bank wire.

California Numismatic Investments’cons:

No List of Company or Custodian Charges on Their Site

Though many companies of this type usually do not charge you to set up your account, some do. However, California Numismatic Investments does not state whether it is a company that charges you to set up an IRA account, and if so, how much.

Many companies also have a minimum investment requirement when you open an account with them to begin investing. But we were also unable to locate theirs on their site.

Your custodian will also typically charge you to manage your account and provide both you and the IRS with quarterly paperwork regarding its performance for tax reporting and more. However, we also didn’t see a list of charges for Equity Trust’s services.

In either case, it is important to know the charges for both of these services to help determine if it is the best company for you.

Is California Numismatic Investments a Scam?

California Numismatic Investments, also known as golddealer.com, has several shared customer testimonies across various reputable consumer feedback sites. However, we found no official lawsuits or complaints on any .gov sites. So chances are, they are not a scam.

What We Found on California Numismatic Investments Being a Scam With the BBB

We also found a BBB page for the company, which shows that they are accredited by the private organization, which bases its accreditation on strict measures to help deem whether a business’s practices are ethical. They have also been an official member of theirs for more than 40 years.

California Numismatic Investments also has the BBB’s highest company rating of an A+.

What We Found on California Numismatic Investments Being a Scam With Trustpilot

After sifting through the many customer testimonies California Numismatic Investments has online, we found just one customer on Trustpiliot that expressed concern over the company’s reliability, stating that when they tried to call them regarding an issue with their order, they encountered a faulty number with no voice message feature, and the chat feature didn’t work.

What We Found on California Numismatic Investments With Google Reviews

When we pulled up their Google Reviews, there was also at least one customer there who questioned the authenticity of the company’s coins; however, they didn’t specifically state that they felt that California Numismatic Investments was not real.

What We Found on California Numismatic Investments Being a Scam With Trustlink, Business Consumer Alliance, and Yelp

When we checked the company’s customer feedback on Trustlink, Business Consumer Alliance, and Yelp, there were also no mentions of anyone feeling that their business was a scam.

How is Their Customer Support?

California Numismatic Investments state that one of the many reasons you should choose them when investing in coins and bullions is their customers’ satisfaction is always guaranteed, and that is why they have one of the highest repeat business ratios in their field.

To see if their clients agree, we, again, turned to their customer testimonies across various reputable sites.

What Their Clients Had to Share About Their Customer Support On the BBB Site

4 of the 4 client testimonies on their BBB page expressed how they have been doing business with California Numismatic Investments for years and have been nothing but happy with their business and their customer experience.

What Their Clients Had to Share About Their Customer Support on Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, where they have a 4.8 out of 5-star overall rating, several clients out of 1,280 agreed that the company’s representatives were professional, helpful, reliable, and trustworthy when dealing with them.

Much of their feedback was also from customers who have been doing business with them for years.

A few others also stated that their transaction was smooth, and their package shipped quickly and arrived expertly packed.

We also found one customer that boasted about their prices and how good they are.

What Their Clients on Trustlink Had to Share About Their Customer Support

At least half the customers on Trustlink also stated how good their experience was with the company and how trustworthy, professional, and courteous their sales personnel was, which left them satisfied.

2 of their many customers also touted how good their prices are, while another handful of customers stated how fast and successfully their packages arrived at their residences.

What Their Clients on Yelp Had to Say About Their Customer Support

The majority of Yelp customers also agreed that California Numismatic Investments provides good customer support. In fact, they have a 4 out of 5-star rating based on 80 customer stories shared on the site.

Various customers specifically hailed their high integrity, professionalism, and patience when dealing with and placing their orders.

One customer also shared how they sold their coins to the company, which resulted in a safe, convenient, and profitable endeavor with them.

Several customers also felt the company’s pricing was some of the best around, just as it states.

What Their Clients on Google Reviews Had to Say About Their Customer Support

California Numismatic Investments also has over a 4.1 out of 5-star rating on Google Reviews, resulting from an overwhelming consensus of customers who shared how professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy the company’s team members were and how reasonable it was to obtain their products.

Lots of clients were also repeat customers that have been dealing with the company for many years.

One customer also stated how they appreciated their transparency in pricing when selling their coins to the company, which led to a great customer experience.

Has There Been Any Complaints on California Numismatic Investments?

5 Customer Complaints on Google Reviews

Though California Numismatic Investments has plenty of good customer feedback, they do also, unfortunately, have a few complaints.

On Google Reviews, we found at least 5 customers that had an issue with their business.

Many of their issues involved rude customer service, which mostly occurred during the pandemic.

3 Complaints on Trustlink

The company also has 1 customer complaint on Trustlink involving shipping issues.

Meanwhile, another customer shared how they felt they received a lowball quote when trying to trade their products back to the company.

Another customer complained about how they received fewer coins than what the company stated and that when they tried to contact them, they experienced rude service. They also stated that the value they were quoted for the coins was lower than what they expected when trying to trade them back to the company.

Over 5 Customer Complaints on Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, we found one customer complaint that they did not receive their full order of gold from the company, one customer stating how they received the wrong order, resulting in a higher priced bill, and many others stating how rude their customer service was when trying to contact the company concerning their order.

Over 10 Customer Complaints on Yelp

Yelp has a majority of satisfied customers for California Numismatic Investments; however, they also have many complaints that the company provided rude service and lowball quotes for their precious metals trade-ins.

No Complaints on .Gov, Business Consumer Alliance, or the BBB Site

We also checked their reputation on .gov sites, the BBB site, and Business Consumer Alliance and found that they were in good standing with the customers there or simply had no complaints listed with them to go on.


Overall, we feel that California Numismatic Investments is in the running as one of the best companies to invest in coins and bullion. This is because many of their customers on various testimonial sites boast of their reasonable pricing and quality products. Many customers also agree that their shipping is fast and professional.

However, given their many customer complaints involving their trade-back pricing and questionable customer service when there is an issue, we recommend you contact them and ask many questions to help ensure you get the best customer service and plenty of information regarding how to lock in your trade-in prices, should you choose to go with them.

In the meantime, since an overwhelming number of customers agreed that their prices are the best, as well as their shipping, we recommend them as a place to check out for their quality products at great value and professional delivery.

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