Gold Gate Capital review

Gold Gate Capital coins itself as a quaint yet highly skilled precious metals company that brings you over 15 years of experience in the market, thus enabling its clients to benefit from the various benefits of working with such an industry leader, including exclusive products.

The company also promises to make it easy to buy their precious metals via prompt service, convenient purchase options, and a hassle-free IRA and 401k rollover process.

Our review of Gold Gate Capital in a few words

Company name: Gold Gate Capital

BBB grade: A+

Summary: Gold Gate Capital has all the makings of one of the best precious metals companies to work with, including a wide selection of IRS-approved gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins, bars, and rounds and free, insured delivery when you make your purchases independent of an IRA.

It also offers to buy back your precious metals to help ensure you have an experienced buyer when you are ready to sell, and that offers you fair market prices for your gold and silver.

However, the crème of the crop is the company promises that as their client, you will also benefit from the best account representatives and customer support in the industry, no matter how you come to own their precious metals, which over 50 satisfied customers proudly attest to.

Hence, we gladly recommend them as a reputable company to purchase gold, silver, platinum, and palladium as part of your IRA or independently too.

Our rating: 4.5/5

four and a half out of five stars
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Non-IRA Holders Enjoy Free Shipping and Insurance

And, when you purchase their precious metals independent of an IRA, you also enjoy free shipping. Your package is also insured until it reaches you.

Gold Gate Capital Work With Some of the Largest and Highest Insured Depositories

On the other hand, precious metals IRA account holders will benefit from access to the most trusted depositories to store their gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products.

Some of Gold Gate Capital’s preferred depositories include Brink’s Global Services and Delaware Depository, which are chosen for their non-bank, non-government status, well-established experience as a precious metals holder, and hefty insurance policies.

But, should you choose to, you can also have your investments shipped to you at any time. However, if you have not reached retirement age, which is at least 59 1/2, you will be charged a 10% early withdrawal fee.

However, no matter how you purchase their gold and silver, they promise that your order will be treated with the utmost care.

They Are Also an Authorized Mint Dealer and Member of the ICTA for Trustworthy Services

Gold Gate Capital is number 2757 on Inc.5000 2022s list

Gold Gate Capital also has the Better Business Bureau’s highest rating of an A+, which they state proudly reflects their superior customer service. They are also a member of the ICTA, authorized dealers of the United States Mint, and Inc. 5000’s no 2757 2022 honoree for added trust in their service.

Pros about Gold Gate Capital

Live Gold and Silver Prices Provided On Their Site

Gold Gate Capital company logo
Gold Gate Capital company logo

Knowing the live prices of precious metals at any time of the day helps you time the market and determine when is a good time for you to invest in gold and silver for the best value.

Gold State Capital not only includes live gold and silver prices on its site, but the company also helps make it easy to buy them right away simply by clicking on the icon, which will take you directly to their purchase page.

Then, once you open an account, you will also be to contact your account executive for current price quotes and up-to-date news on the precious metals market to help you invest.

They will also be able to answer any other questions you may have regarding your purchases and account.

They Work With Qualified Custodians

Gold Gate Capital’s precious metals IRAs require you to choose a custodian to make your gold and silver purchases for your account.

Hence, your IRA specialist will guide you through the account setup process and then help you choose a reputable custodian to help facilitate the transfer of your funds from your other retirement account to the company’s precious metal IRA.

Your custodian will also report all necessary tax information required for your account to ensure it remains in accordance with IRS rules until you retire.

Then, once your precious metals have made it to your chosen depository, the custodian will also oversee your account and ensure they remain safely in their custody. After this time, they will also be available to help you carry out future purchases for your account, as well as any withdrawals.

The company promises that they only work with qualified custodians that operate on the highest level in their industry, such as Equity Trust, and that have also earned the highest Better Business Bureau rating of an A+.

They Offer a Wide Choice of IRS-Approved Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium for Your IRA

Gold Gate Capitals gold coins South African Krugerrand Canadian Maple Leaf and the American Gold Eagle

Gold Gate Capital offers a wide choice of precious metals for your IRA, so you don’t feel limited in your selections.

Your Gold Gate Capital specialist will also help you pick the best investments for your IRA based on your specific retirement goals, so you’re not overwhelmed trying to figure it out on your own.

Some of their IRS-approved precious metals include:

  • Gold American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and American Buffalo coins.
  • Gold bars and rounds.
  • Platinum American Eagle, Austrian Philharmonic, and Australian Koala coins.
  • Platinum bars and rounds.
  • Silver Mexican Libertad, American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Twin Maple Leaf coins.
  • Silver bars and rounds.
  • Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf coins.
  • Palladium bars and rounds.

IRS-approved precious metals simply mean they meet strict requirements for purity, which for gold is .995 fineness, .999 fineness for silver, .9995 fineness for platinum, and .9995 fineness for palladium.

It also means they have been produced by IRS-approved mints and manufacturers.

They Offer to Buy Back Your Precious Metals

The company states that knowing whom to sell your precious metals to matters just as much as knowing who you will buy them from for the best gains.

Therefore, to show its integrity and support for protecting your investments, they offer to be your experienced, trustworthy buyer who will repurchase them at fair market prices.

You can also keep track of your precious metals’ current value by contacting your account specialist, who will provide you with the most precise buyback quotes.

Their Fees Are Included on Their Site

Gold Gate Capital also makes it easy to determine if they are the best precious metals company for you by listing their fees on their site.

This way, you don’t waste your time contacting them only to find out otherwise based on their fees.

As of current, their precious metals IRA fees are as follows:

  • There is a $50 fee to set up your account.
  • When you conduct a wire transfer to fund your account, it will cost you $30.
  • Your custodian charges a $100 annual fee to manage your account.
  • Your chosen depository charges an annual storage and insurance fee of $100.

Gold Gate Capital also suggests you begin with at least a $10,000 investment minimum to fund your account.

What are their cons ?

They Don’t State Exactly Which Qualified Custodians They Work With

Though the company makes important mention that they only work with qualified custodians that are held to strict standards and that rate well with the BBB, they do not state exactly who their preferred choices are to give you a general idea of the ones you may be working with.

Therefore, you can’t research them beforehand to help save time, already knowing which is the best for you when contacting the company.

However, they use Equity Trust as one of their examples when referring to custodians, so we guess you can conclude that they are one of the reputable companies they work with.

Is Gold Gate Capital a Scam?

Check That They are Listed With the BBB

One surefire way to check if a company is real is to verify they are listed with the Better Business Bureau, in which case you can explore its business profile page for any signs of a scam.

This is because their BBB page contains various important information that can be used to gauge their ethics and business practices, including any customer reviews and complaints filed against them with the organization.

Check Their BBB Rating

Gold Gate Capitals BBB A plus profile has 5 stars rating based on 19 customer reviews and zero complaints

You can also check their BBB rating for signs of a reputable company because it is based on independent factors, such as if a business has required government licensing or has any government actions taken against them.

The higher the company’s rating, the more they are perceived by the BBB to be a trustworthy company.

Check That The Company Details on Its Website Match the Company Details in Its BBB Profile

You will also be able to see if the company details listed on its website match the company information provided on its BBB page, which also helps signify it is legit.

After checking Gold Gate Capital’s BBB profile, we found that it is a BBB-accredited company and has been since 2014.

They also hold an A+ rating with the BBB, which shows the organization thinks highly of how they deal with their customers in addition to meeting other important criteria as a real company.

Check the Attorney General and Other .Gov Sites

An online search of the company also returned no official complaints or lawsuits filed with the attorney general or any other .gov sites, which means it isn’t well known for any false business practices.

Check Reputable Consumer Review Sites, Such as Trustlink, Yelp, and More

Gold Gate Capital company has been seen on Forbes Time Fortune US News Fox News and Investopedia

You can also check popular customer review sites, such as Trustlink, Yelp, Facebook, Trustpilot, and Consumer Affairs, to see if any customers shared any complaints about a precious metals company being reputable, of which we also did and found no reports of customers feeling scammed by Gold Gate Capital.

Hence, the overwhelming evidence we uncovered strongly suggests that Gold Gate Capital is a legitimate company and not a scam. Furthermore, this company has been seen on Forbes, Time, U.S News and more.

How is Their Customer Support?

Gold Gate Capital promises that its clients can depend on them to provide the world’s best customer service via their account representatives, who are there to assist you throughout the entire process of setting up your precious metals IRA for success.

So, again, to see if customers actually backed up their claims of providing world-class customer support, we turned back to the testimonies on their BBB page and found that of the 19 people who left feedback, most stated how informative, helpful, and patient their team was in answering their questions and helping them with their purchases.

One user shared that the company was even able to refund them the transfer costs charged by their previous IRA company for an even greater customer experience.

After checking all the other reputable consumer feedback sites, including Trustlink, we found that many customers there also shared how patient and helpful the company’s staff was with answering their questions and helping them complete their buys for exceptional customer support.

Hence, the common consensus among their customers tends to support that Gold Gate Capital really takes care of its clients.

Has There Been Any Complaints About Gold Gate Capital?

Trusted consumer review sites, like the BBB, Trustlink, and Trustpilot, are also good for learning what complaints customers have to share about a company.

So we began our search for customer complaints on Gold Gate Capital with the Better Business Bureau and found that the company has no complaints and a 5/5 customer review rating based on 19 customer reviews.

We also looked on Trustlink and found that the company has no customer complaints and a 5-star rating based on 40 customer reviews.

Likewise, no company complaints for Gold Gate Capital appeared on Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, or the Attorney General and similar sites.

Final thoughts on Gold Gate Capital

Their Fees are Listed Right on Their Site

We love how Gold Gate Capital makes you feel at ease, knowing that you can check their list of fees on their site at your convenience to help make a more confident decision if their company is right for you before you contact them.

Thus, it helps eliminate the awkward, uncomfortable feeling of contacting the company only to find out their costs are out of your budget or to feel pressured to buy.

It also makes you feel that the company is trustworthy and doesn’t have some secret agenda to get you to contact them so they can charge you hidden fees.

They List the Depositories They Work With on Their Site

We also like that Gold Gate Capital lists the depositories they work with, which is another important factor for determining if a precious metals company is right for you.

This way, you can research the different depositories beforehand for their specific services, such as if they offer both segregated and non-segregated storage, which matters if you would like to store your precious metals separately from the facility’s other clients’ investments so that the precious metals you purchased are actually yours.

It also helps to know their chosen depositories before you contact the company so that you can know if they work with one near you in the event you ever plan to visit your precious metals in person.

They Offer to Buy Back Your Precious Metals at Fair Market Price

Gold Gate Capital also earns a plus with us because they state that they also offer to buy back your precious metals when you are ready to sell.

We agree that this is just as important, if not more, than the precious metals you purchase because if you are unable to find a buyer or get a good price for your precious metals at the time you are ready to receive cash for them, then it defeats the point.

Great Customer Reviews

With over 50 customer testimonies and no customer complaints, we definitely recommend Gold Gate Capital as a precious metals company to consider working with for your retirement because its reputation speaks for itself.

We also like how highly their customers spoke of their customer support, which also translates to quality service.

Thus, in all, it helps you prepare to work with a gold and silver IRA company that greets you with patience, thoroughness, and understanding when asking questions and making the best purchases based on your retirement goals, which is especially important if you are new to investing in precious metals.

The company also offers a few free learning resources on its site to help you read up and learn more about precious metals in your spare time to also prepare you for making more confident investments.

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Our rating: 4.5/5

four and a half out of five stars