Goldco gold IRA versus Augusta Precious Metals : how to choose?

Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals compared

 GoldcoAugusta Precious Metals
Minimum investment amount$25,000$50,000
Founded in20062012
Our rating5/55/5
Buy-back program available?YesYes
Types of precious metals availableGold, silver, palladium and platinumGold and silver
Sign-up bonus10% back in silver up to $10,000 *under certain conditions-
Total one-time setup fees$80$50
Total annual fees (custodial, depository storage & maintenance)$180$100
Official websitesClick hereClick here

Our recommendation: Augusta Precious Metals

Why? Because they have the lowest setup & annual fees; they have amazing educational material made by Harvard-trained economic analysts that you can request here for free before signing-up; they have zero BBB and BCA complaints.

augusta precious metals ira company

Our rating: 5/5

a 5 stars review sign out of 5

Who is Goldco?

goldcos logo a gold ira company available online

Goldco is an award-winning precious metals company with over ten years of experience helping retirement savers add physical gold and silver to their IRA for greater diversity and more.

The company is also endorsed by Sean Hannity and has been featured on various reputable media outlets, including The Epoch Times, WND, and, for its premier services and high customer ratings.

Customers of Goldco can choose between a gold IRA or a silver IRA, or they can purchase gold and silver bullion and coins outside of an IRA.

Who is Augusta Precious Metals?

augusta precious metals ira company

Augusta Precious Metals is a respected gold IRA provider that enables current retirement account holders to transfer their funds to a gold IRA for increased portfolio protection.

Customers can also purchase gold and silver directly from the company.

The company has been in business for many years and has also won various awards for its service, including the Stevie Award for its customer service.

It was also featured on various media outlets and holds high rankings on a number of reputable customer review sites.

What Do Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals Offer That is the Same?

Both Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals specialize in facilitating the sale of physical gold and silver to customers wishing to incorporate the precious metals into their IRA to hedge against inflation and more.

Customers can choose between gold coins and bullion or silver coins and bullion with both companies, and they both also work with precious metals dealers that provide IRA-approved precious metals to help keep your retirement account compliant.

You can also purchase gold or silver bullion or coins using cash or your savings account to store your own precious metals and diversify your retirement plan.

They both also only work with vetted custodians. However, Augusta Precious Metals works solely with Equity Trust, which is a leading company of self-directed IRA providers.

Both Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals also provide potential and current customers plenty of learning resources to help educate them in the gold and silver market to help empower them to make confident choices.

They both also pair you with highly knowledgeable precious metals specialists to help you set up your account and purchase the best gold and silver products for you. Of course, it goes without saying that both Goldco and Augusta help their members to rollover their 401k plans to gold IRAs.

However, Augusta Precious metals specialists are trained by a Harvard-graduate leader. They also complete 95% of the paperwork with you for a fast and smooth IRA rollover.

Once you purchase your gold or silver as part of your IRA, both companies will also automatically ship it to a secure depository for safekeeping as per IRS requirements.

How Does Goldco Differ From Augusta Precious Metals?

Unlike Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco also offers a silver IRA.

They also source their precious metals directly from mints all over the world, whereas Augusta Precious Metals does not state exactly which precious metals dealers they work with.

Goldco also offers free storage when you purchase gold or silver directly from them. However, Augusta Precious Metals only offers free shipping to the location of your choice when you purchase your precious metals outside their IRA.

Goldco also has a lower minimum investment of $25,000 compared to Augusta precious Metals’ minimum of $50,000. However, when new customers to Goldco make at least a $50,000 initial investment, their account fee is waived for the first year.

Goldco also offers free coins for customers who make a direct purchase of precious metals of at least $3,500.

They also have a buyback program, in which they promise to offer the highest price for your gold.

Both companies also store your gold in secure IRS-approved depositories; however, Goldco solely works with the Delaware Depository, which is a private storage facility that protects your precious metals against financial and political entities, creditors, and more.

What Can You Get at Goldco That You Can’t Get At Augusta Precious Metals?

Goldco requires a low minimum initial investment, which enables retirement savers of all levels to participate in its gold IRA.

As a direct purchaser of their gold or silver, you can also choose between having your precious metals stored by the company for free or having them delivered to your home.

The gold IRA company also offers a silver IRA, which is also becoming a popular way to help diversify your retirement savings due to silver’s increasing demand for industrial use and more.

Customers of Goldco also benefit from the ability to purchase their precious metals directly from mints, which are the actual producers of gold and silver, for a more premium product compared to precious metals dealers who may or may not have access to high-quality products.

The IRS also requires the precious metals in your IRA to be manufactured by a government mint or another approved manufacturer to qualify.

They also work with a variety of custodians to choose from.

What Can You Get at Augusta Precious Metals That You Can’t Get at Goldco?

When you choose Augusta Precious Metals for your gold IRA, you get the advantage of working with a highly-knowledgeable team that is trained by a Harvard alumn, which helps ensure you get industry insights and education like no other.

The company also offers one-on-one webinars for those who prefer a more personal meeting when learning about the world of precious metals. And you may even have the opportunity to personally meet with the company’s education leader himself, provided your initial investment is of a certain amount.

Augusta Precious Metals also works with a third-party compliance team that also includes an experienced lawyer to ensure their activities and systems are compliant. Hence, it provides you with peace of mind, knowing you won’t encounter issues with the IRS when building your IRA.

Customers also have more depositories to choose from, which offers a better chance of finding one near you if you want to visit or if there is an emergency.

Augusta Precious Metals may also reward you with a free silver coin for sharing your customer review.

augusta precious metals ira company

Our rating: 5/5

a 5 stars review sign out of 5

Is Goldco Trustworthy?

Goldco has been around for over 10 years, which is long enough to have racked up their share of customer reviews with various consumer protection agencies and the Better Business Bureau, so if there was ever an issue of trust with their company, it would be on record with one of these agencies.

Hence, be sure to check sites like Consumer Affairs Agency, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Better Business Bureau to see what previous customers have to say about the company before investing your hard-earned money.

In the meantime, Goldco has also been featured on many notable media outlets, which means they were most likely vetted as reputable before being allowed to do so for the sake of the company’s reputation.

They have also received various awards and high rankings from more than one prestigious executive, company, and consumer agency, which were based on their customer reviews and industry buzz.

You can also do what many other customers also did and call Goldco to ask lots of questions to gauge their trustworthiness, which is always strongly recommended before investing large sums of money with a company you are unfamiliar with.

Goldco Prices and Fees

Goldco charges various fees for their gold IRA services, including a $50 account setup fee when you make the minimum investment of $25,000. However, if you make a minimum investment of $50,000 or more, the company will waive this fee.

There is also an account maintenance fee of $80, which is charged annually.

A storage fee of $100 will also be charged to your account each year unless you choose segregated storage, in which case you will be charged $150 per year to store your gold or silver separately from all other precious metals in the facility.

You may also be charged a wire fee if you deposit your funds via electronic transfer.

Customers that utilize the company’s buyback program may also be charged a fee when selling their precious metals back to the company.

As for their gold or silver prices, they are subject to change based on supply and demand as well as various other economic factors. So simply contact the company when you are ready to make your purchase.

Some companies also charge a markup on their precious metals, so be sure to also inquire about it to factor it into your price.

In the meantime, if you buy their precious metals directly, there are no fees involved, including a storage fee. However, there is a minimum purchase requirement of $3,500.

Is Augusta Precious Metals Trustworthy?

Augusta Precious Metals has been around since 2012, and they have also received merits from some of the top financial businesses and consumer protection agencies in the industry, which, again, were heavily based on customer reviews.

Hence, to get a better idea of how true to their image the company really is, be sure to read their customer feedback on Trustlink, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, Facebook, and more.

You can also get a personal feel for the company by simply calling them to see how patient and thorough they are at answering your questions and walking you through the account setup process, which is probably the best way to find out how well you can trust them.

Augusta Precious Metals Prices and Fees

Augusta Precious Metals charges a fee of $50 to set up your gold IRA account. And then there is also a yearly account maintenance fee of $100 after that, which is typically charged by the custodian.

The depository where you choose to store your gold will also charge a storage fee of $100.

Meanwhile, their gold and silver prices will vary based on different market factors, so you’ll have to contact the company for price updates before purchasing your precious metals.

The company may also charge a markup on their precious metals, which will also affect the price.

You may also be charged a fee for wire transfers, so be sure to ask.

They also require a minimum investment of %50,000 for both non-IRA and IRA purchases.

Who Are the People Behind Goldco?

Goldco is a Los Angeles-based precious metals company that was founded in 2011 by Trevor Gerszt, whose main objective was to provide everyday people with effective alternative options to help diversify their retirement portfolios and protect against inflation, which is one of the greatest threats to long-term investments.

Since then, the company has gone on to hire only the most passionate and high-performing employees to educate customers and assist them with building their wealth, thus making them the true people behind the brand.

They also regularly attend development programs and receive ongoing training to help constantly build their skills to continue to help customers achieve success.

Goldco is also publicly endorsed by notable media personalities, including Sean Hannity, Ben Stein, Stew Peters, celebrities like Chuck Norris, and their families and friends.

Who Are the People Behind Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals has two locations in the U.S, one in Wyoming and the other in Beverly Hills, California.

However, it was founded in 2012 by University of California graduate and now CEO of the company Isaac Nuriani.

His goal for creating Augusta Precious Metals was to help retirement savers diversify their nest egg using precious metals products but not without first educating them on the economic factors that affect it, including market policies designed to benefit major financial institutions over consumers.

The company also has Devlyn Steele on its staff, who is the director of education and a former financial services and economics professional. He is also a member of the business analytics program at Harvard Business School.

However, he now works behind the scenes providing the Augusta Precious Metals team with valuable insights about what’s happening in the economy, so they can inform their customers about the latest risks to the market and how to diversify their savings with more stable assets, such as gold and silver.

Meanwhile, Howard Smith, who is currently the company’s CFO, brings his years of experience as a risk manager for governments and big banks to the team to also assist them with helping customers better hedge against economic risks to their retirement investments.

Augusta Precious Metals is also publicly endorsed by Joe Montana, who is a Pro Football Hall of Famer and the company’s ambassador.

How Do Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals Educate Their Customers?

Both companies provide their customers with ample educational material via their sites on everything they need to know before buying precious metals, including many articles on retirement planning, investing, and more.

They both also provide market news on their company, the economy, politics, and more to help you prepare for the various factors that can affect your retirement plan.

However, Augusta Precious Metals also provides you with an inflation and retirement calculator that you can play around with to see how much you need to save to retire comfortably.

They also have a video library of information and provide you with articles on spotting fraudulent precious metal dealers and more to help you avoid gold IRA scams. You can also read about our top 7 gold IRA providers on this page to learn more.

Both companies also enable you to request an IRA guide to help you get started.

Once you contact the company, they both will also usually email you even more educational material to help you move forward in confidence.

Our Top Pick

Though, ultimately, we felt that both companies are capable of providing quality, trustworthy gold IRA services, Augusta Precious Metals is our top pick for its low annual and setup fees which can add up in the long run.

They also have unbelievable educating materials created by a true economic analyst which you can request before making any decision. We also love the fact that they educate you on gimmicks and other tactics used by other gold IRA companies.

We also found the educational articles on their site to be easier reads, and they are also easy to navigate for stress-free learning.

Finally, they seemed to have more articles on their website, which enables you to explore more for greater confidence when making your choices.

augusta precious metals ira company

Our rating: 5/5

a 5 stars review sign out of 5

Having that said, Goldco is still a great choice for its low minimum investment requirement that enables more investors to get in on the fun.

The company also provides many perks for its customers, which we also loved, especially the opportunity to get up to 10% back in free silver with a qualified precious metals IRA purchase.

This way, you get introduced to the benefits of owning silver as part of your portfolio without having to put up your own money until you are ready.

We also liked how Goldco has a low-minimum purchase requirement for their direct precious metals buyers too, which also makes their services more approachable.

And they also offer free storage with your direct purchase, so you can still benefit from the professional safekeeping of your gold and silver.

Waiving the account setup fees for customers that invest up to $50,000 or more is also a plus with us because it enables you to save money on your major purchase, and who doesn’t like that?

Lastly, though they only work with the Delaware depository, we like that it’s a private facility, so you get the added benefit of knowing your precious metals are also protected from creditors and more.