Our review of Goldcore

GoldCore boasts that it offers a safe and secure way for investors worldwide to own gold, silver, and other precious metals as part of their IRA or independent of an IRA.

Our analysis of Goldcore in a few words

Company name: Goldcore

BBB grade: A+

Summary: GoldCore’s service touches on all the main key points that make you feel secure as a client of their company, including they offer a wide range of precious metals in various sizes and at the best prices, the most secure storage options, and they even offer to buyback your investments to help make it easier to find a buyer when you are ready to sell.

They also don’t force you to take their word that they are an excellent company because they have thousands of customer reviews to back it up.

Therefore, we have no problem recommending them as a reputable business to consider when owning gold, silver, platinum, and palladium as part of your IRA or independently.

Our score: 4.5/5

four and a half out of five stars
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Safe and Secure Storage and Delivery

Goldcore logo

As a client of their services, they stress that you will also enjoy sound and reliable storage of your precious metals, or you can have them carefully delivered to your door.

Should you choose to have your precious metals delivered to your home, you will also be happy to know the company agrees to do so without added shipping costs.

Meanwhile, as an IRA or other investor, if you choose one of the company’s preferred depositories to store your investments, you will enjoy maximum security of your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, along with segregated, allocated, insured, and audited storage services.

The company boasts that the depositories they work with are also located in the safest jurisdictions in the U.S. and beyond for added protection. And they also have various policies in place to ensure your precious metals remain accessible and moveable even in the most tumultuous global economic challenges.

The Company Partners With Inspectorate International for Third-Party Auditing

Stephen Flood CEO director of Goldcore
Stephen Flood CEO director of Goldcore

GoldCore states that for yet another level of security for your investments while in safekeeping with its custodians, it also partners with Inspectorate International, which is a leading auditor of vault and storage facilities worldwide, for the annual auditing and physical inspection of your precious metals.

This way, you don’t have to worry if your gold, silver, platinum, or palladium coins and bars are really in your chosen depository and maintained in good condition.

Proven Track Record of Providing Trusted Service

The company boasts that since its emergence in 2003, it has assisted in the investing and storage of precious metals for over 15,000 retirement plans, private clients, and more in over 140 different countries, which, to date, has totaled over $1 billion in transactions.

They state that they have also won various awards for their research in precious metals and are authorized distributors of the United States Mint, the Perth Mint, and the Royal Mint.

Hence, their proven track record in the business and their professional credentials serve as proof to their clients that they are a highly-experienced and trusted company to help facilitate their precious metals investments.

Goldcore is a distributor of many reputable precious metals mint including the United States Mint and the Perth Mint

They Offer Some of the Best Rates in the Industry

Clients of GoldCore can also expect some of the most competitive rates in the market on gold bullion bars and coins for more high-value investments, according to the company.

They state that these savings also extends to their secure storage costs.

Price Charts, News, And Other Investor Educational Resources on Their Site

Before investing in precious metals, it helps to know their current market costs to help you choose the best time to invest, which the live price charts available on GoldCore’s site help you do.

The company also provides a news section on its site, which includes breaking news, research, and more to help you keep up on the different factors affecting the value of gold, silver, and platinum to also help you better invest.

Their award-winning research team has also developed several guides and reports that you can download for an even greater understanding of the precious metals market before jumping in.

Their Pros:

Investment Grade Gold and Silver

It is GoldCore’s promise to its clients that all gold, silver, platinum, and palladium obtained through them are approved by the LBMA, which is the world’s independent authority for precious metals, or they are sourced from the government mint.

They also state that their gold products are easily convertible to currency in markets worldwide for quick independent transactions and precious metals company buybacks.

Their Precious Metals Are Available in Any Size

Whether you are an experienced investor or new to investing in precious metals, GoldCore stresses that its gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are available in any size to suit different investment needs.

They state that when you contact their team of precious metals advisers, they can even assist you through the process of choosing your gold, silver, and more to help ensure you select the right ones based on your investment level and goals.

They Also Offer IRA-Approved Coins and Bars

Goldcores IRA Approved Gold bars

If you are a retirement investor that is looking to add precious metals to your portfolio, you will be glad to know that GoldCore also offers IRA-approved gold, silver, platinum, and pallidum bars and coins that are of the finest quality to enable you to do so.

And their knowledgeable team of experts can also help walk you through the process of adding them to your retirement account and in a way that helps meet your investment goals.

Some IRA-approved gold and silver GoldCore offers that can be added to your account include:

  • American Gold Eagle coins
  • Gold Britannia coins
  • Austrian Gold philharmonic coins
  • Australian Silver Kangaroo coins
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins
  • Gold bars
  • Silver bars
  • IRA-approved Perth mint certificates
Goldcores IRA Approved Gold Coins

Direct Access to GoldCore Secure Storage

As a client of GoldCore, you have the exclusive option of storing your precious metals in the company’s own secure facility, which enables you to keep your silver, gold, and platinum in one of the safest places worldwide while they increase in value.

Clients are also ensured outright ownership of their investment assets as well as direct access to them anytime they want under the company’s Contingency Agreement.

Or clients can choose either Loomis or Brinks International for their secure storage solution.

In either case, the company promises you will enjoy maximum vault security, fully insured depository services, and storage in one of many safe locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

Their Storage Charges Are Listed on Their Site

GoldCore also offers transparency by listing its charges for storage right on its site, where they explain that their costs start at 1% and then begin to decrease on a sliding scale based on how large the value of the client’s gold and silver holdings is.

The company states that the billing for its clients’ storage costs is also calculated using the lowest cost method for more reasonable rates.

There is also a $10,000 minimum initial investment as well as a $5,000 minimum investment thereafter for each transaction.

Fast Withdrawals and Payment

When you are ready to take possession of your assets or utilize the buyback program to receive currency in exchange for them, the company promises that they make it easy and fast to receive both.

All you do is contact the company during normal business hours, and they will usually have your transaction completed within about 3 business days or so.

If you opt for payment for your investments, they state that you can also receive it in the currency of your choice for added ease.

Goldcore’s cons:

GoldCore’s Site Doesn’t List Their Preferred Custodians

Your custodian is required by the IRS to facilitate the ownership of any alternative assets for your IRA on your behalf. However, they are not all the same, offer the same services, or charge the same for their account management.

Hence, you will need to do research to find the best one for you, which can be overwhelming and time-consuming; therefore, many precious metals companies pre-screen and then work with a list of them you can choose from to help save frustration and time doing it on your own.

Unfortunately, we did not see a list of preferred custodians that GoldCore works with on their site, which would make it seem like they go the extra mile to help make choosing a reputable one more convenient for their clients.

Is GoldCore a Scam?

GoldCore and the Better Business Bureau

To determine if GoldCore is a real company that offers authentic gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products, we began our quest with an online inquiry to see what the search results revealed on the subject, which of the various returns also included their BBB page.

In short, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a private entity that helps ensure that businesses exercise honest and ethical practices for consumer protection. Hence, any company that is accredited and holds a rating with the BBB has undergone vigorous analysis by the organization to help ensure they are credible.

After viewing Goldcore’s Better Business Bureau profile, we found that they are accredited by the BBB, and they also hold their top rating of an A+.

Therefore, overall, they are considered a trustworthy company by the Better Business Bureau.

GoldCore and the Attorney General and Other .Gov Sites

Usually, the main red flag that a company is an illegal scheme or believed to be engaging in unethical business practices is if their name along with the word scam returns search results involving them with Attorney General or other .gov sites.

If so, it means government authorities themselves have sufficient evidence to determine the company is a fraud, and, as a result, have filed a lawsuit against them on consumers’ behalf.

Therefore, we also quickly skimmed the search results to see if GoldCore’s name appeared in any Attorney General or other .gov site titles and found nothing.

GoldCore and Other Reputable Consumer Review Sites

Reputable consumer feedback sites like Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and eKomi all exist to help warn potential customers of companies that may be using tricky tactics to gain their business before they waste their time with them.

So we also checked GoldCore’s reputability with customers on those sites and found that all of the reviewers on each page agree that the company is real.

How is Their Customer Support?

What GoldCore Promises as Part of Its Customer Support

GoldCore promises that it is their main goal to help their clients own gold through their company in the safest and most secure manner, which they help ensure by providing them with the most dependable trading platforms in the industry and exclusive access to the most private depositories in the world to help protect against monetary risk, counterparty risks, and more.

The company states that it also prides itself on helping its clients understand portfolio diversification and how investing in precious metals can help, despite the many myths about them, which is also needed for success.

They also end with the overall message that you can expect to receive the precious metals they say you will, in the time they say you will receive them, and how they say you will receive them.

So do their customers agree? To find out we, again, turned to their verified customer testimonies.

GoldCore’s Trustpilot Customer feedback

While we only found 2 customer feedback for GoldCore on Trustpilot, they both gave the company a 5-star rating, which they accredited to their smooth transaction, professional delivery, and excellent customer service.

GoldCore’s eKomi Customer Reviews

The company has 4.9 stars out of 5 on eKomi, with the majority of users on the site stating how safe and simple it was to make their investments and how professional their service was.

Meanwhile, one customer, in particular, stated how they’ve been dealing with the company for years and are still impressed with how they continue to deliver on their promise of quality customer service. They also added how knowledgeable and friendly their staff was when helping them pick their investments.

GoldCore’s Google Customer Reviews

We also found a few customers on Google reviews that stated how they’ve been dealing with GoldCore for years and are still satisfied with their excellent professional staff and trustworthy service.

One user also boasted about how competitive their prices are and that they offer service second to none, while another customer simply summed up their review by stating GoldCore does what it says.

GoldCore’s BBB Customer testimonies

Unfortunately, we found no customer testimonies on the BBB site to support GoldCore’s claims of delivering the best customer experience. But, at least the company is accredited with them, which shows they care about their professional reputation with clients.

Has There Been Any Complaints About GoldCore?

Of the many positive customer testimonies on various consumer sites, including Google Reviews, eKomi, and Trustlink, we also found at least 5 clients that had issues with GoldCore.

At Least 2 Customer Complains on eKomi

On eKomi, at least 2 customers complained about the company’s high premiums and commissions, while another 4 to 5 complained of delivery issues, including their shipment being delivered to the wrong address and receiving the wrong items or items that arrived in bad condition.

At Least 2 Customer Complaints on Google Reviews

Google Reviews also had at least 2 consumer complaints about the company, one of which involved the client having issues with their transaction and another involving the customer experiencing a bad account opening process.

0 Customer Complaints With the BBB

When checking the BBB for customer complaints on GoldCore, we found that they had 0 at this time.

Final thoughts

Investors Have Access to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Palladium in Any Size

We especially like that GoldCore enables its clients to own gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in any size because it makes it easier for all investors to own
these alternative investments as part of their portfolio.

The company promises that they are also all investment grade, which increases the potential for high liquidity in the market.

They Have Over Thousands of Customer Testimonies to Support Their Claims of Excellent Customer Service

GoldCore states that they do what they say and deliver what they say, and they have more than a thousand satisfied customer reviews on various sites to support their claims.

Hence, we are thoroughly impressed and feel good recommending them as a company to work with when seeking to add gold, silver, and more to your investments.

However, they did have a few customer complaints regarding high premiums, delivery issues, and at least one involving bad customer service, but the company was quick to respond to the complaints and attempt to resolve the issue, so this is still a sign of good customer support.

They Boast That Safe, Secure Storage and Delivery is a Must With Them

As a client of GoldCore, they boast that no matter which storage facility you choose, you can rest assured that it will be a secure, fully insured depository in a safe jurisdiction away from political issues and more for maximum protection.

They state that even if you opt for delivery, you can still expect your package to arrive in the safest way possible for added confidence.

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