Our review of Lexi Capital

Lexi Capital is an alternative IRA company formed by a group of entrepreneurs that enables retirees to add gold, silver, and other IRS-approved precious metals to their self-directed IRA for a more stable long-term investment plan against various political factors, market fluctuations, and more that can send your portfolio plummeting in downtimes.

Our review of Lexi Capital in short

Company name: Lexi Capital

BBB grade: A+


Lexi Capital seems to be a simple precious metals company with a simple but clever idea to offer only the highest-performing gold and silver products to their customers for greater confidence there will be a high demand for them when it comes time to retire.

It also offers many other benefits that set it apart from its competitors, including a repricing policy that protects the price of your gold and silver during negative market fluctuations that can lower their value for up to six months, your choice of private or professional IRA storage, and a low minimum investment requirement.

However, as simple and unique as their strategy seems, they are just simply falling too short in other areas that are needed to convince customers that their brand reinforces what they say, which is why we can't recommend them as one of the best precious metals IRA companies.

Our rating: 3/5

a 3 stars review sign out of 5
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Free Learning Resources

where to request Lexi Capitals investor kit on their website

They also welcome potential clients to help themselves to the different free learning resources on their site to help better understand precious metals and how they can be used to provide maximum diversification for your nest egg.

Once you contact the company, their experts will also provide you with additional education to help ensure you are ready to make the most knowledgeable investment choices for your IRA.

You Can Roll Over an Existing Retirement Account or Open a New IRA

Should you opt to transfer your existing retirement plan to a Lexi Capital precious metals IRA, as opposed to simply opening a new self-directed IRA account with the company, their experienced team member will also help walk you through the process to ensure it is done smoothly and without tax penalties.

However, by opening a new IRA account, you can also keep your current retirement plan and simply reap the advantages of an added plan that is self-directed and helps back up your established portfolio with greater inflation protection and more.

Some retirement accounts eligible for rollover/transfer to a precious metals IRA include:

They Allow Cancellations and Refunds

The company is also one of a few that allows you to cancel your order should a circumstance arise that forces you to rescind the transaction after buying or selling precious metals to them.

But, there is a $45 cancellation fee, and you may also be charged for any market losses that occurred as a result of the cancellation. The company also reserves the right to keep any capital gains realized on the precious metals up until that time.

They also have a return and exchange policy that allows customers to return or exchange any precious metals bought from the company, provided certain guidelines are met, including the bullion, certified coins, etc., are still in their original packaging.

Pros about Lexi Capital:

They Only Offer High-Performing Gold and Silver Assets

The company states that it also only offers the highest-performing gold and silver assets with the most consistent favorable returns. In return, there will always be a high demand for them.

This is true in all markets, including both U.S. and abroad, so they will continuously command the highest prices no matter where they are sold.

Hence, it provides you with a leg up for your precious metals IRA and the added confidence you will get a good price for them when it comes time to retire.

Gold Assurance Plan

Lexi Capital also offers a Gold Assurance Plan to help protect your investment against the temporary negative movement of precious metals prices.

Under this plan, the silver and gold in your IRA are covered by a repricing policy for up to six months, during which time, should a price drop occur, they are protected up to $500 per ounce.

However, this only extends to the coins in your IRA. If you would like the bullion in your retirement account to also be covered under the repricing policy, it will cost an additional fee.

When you contact the company, your account specialists will let you know if your portfolio is eligible for the policy when you make your gold and silver purchases.

Professional Portfolio Analysis

Lexi Capitals website homepage which doesnt display enough important information about the company

If you currently own a retirement portfolio and are unsure of its stability during harsh economic times, you can contact an adviser at the company to help analyze your investment collection to see if it can benefit from increased diversification.

During this time, if they determine that you can, they will educate you on precious metals and help you understand how adding them to your retirement plan can help hedge against market instabilities in the long haul.

You will also learn how historically, gold and silver have provided above-average annual returns of 18% or more for decades.

Personal, private or private depository storage

Lexi Capital also offers various options for storage to give you even more control over your precious metals IRA.

For instance, you can choose their personal storage IRA option to privately hold the gold, silver, etc., in your IRA, which is not commonly available with other precious metals retirement accounts.

Or you can choose the more common self-directed IRA option, which includes secure, professional storage services of your precious metals provided by Lexi Capital. This way, you don't have the added anxiety of safely storing your assets on your own.

However, no matter which storage option you choose, their advisers will assist you through every step of the process to ensure you fully understand your choice and how it works.

Low Minimum Order Requirement

Lexi Capital also only requires a low minimum order amount of $1,500, which helps makes their IRA accessible to more retirement investors. However, there is a $0 fee for new IRA accounts funded with $15,000 and over.

The minimum order requirement also applies, no matter your payment method. However, if you pay by cash, bank wire, check, cashier's check, or trade, there is a 3% discount off the price they have listed.

On the other hand, if you pay by credit card, you will be charged the list price.

They Partner With SDIRA Services Inc. as Your Custodian

As an IRA account holder with the company, your custodian will be SDIRA Services Inc., also known as Self Directed IRA Services, Inc.

This company is a self-directed custodian that holds clients' alternative and traditional assets worldwide under their custody.

They also help maintain and provide record-keeping for their investors' accounts according to IRS guidelines.

However, account holders will also be provided with a copy of all paperwork concerning their assets' performance to keep for their records.

Express IRA Application

For those investors who have heard and seen enough to be convinced that Lexi Capital is the right precious metals IRA company for you and can't wait to get started, you will be glad to know that they provide an Express IRA application on their site to helps expedite the account sign up process.

Once you complete and submit the application, a company agent will contact you to answer any lingering questions and assist you with the rest of the IRA process.

Lexi Capital’s cons:

Lexi Capital Doesn't List All Their IRA Fees on Their Site

Though it is possible to find some of Lexi Capital's fees scattered in various sections on their site, they do not really have one dedicated page that lists all of their IRA fees, which would be nice.

Instead, you have to contact the company to find out their prices, which can be awkward and intimidating if you are not quite sure you are ready to sign up. Regarding its fees, Lexi Capital isn't as transparent as other top gold IRA companies like Birch Gold Group or Goldco.

It can also be an inconvenience when you are just researching companies and have various other firms to also reach out to or are just pressed for time.

Free Investor Kit and Roth/Traditional IRA Form?

The company's website includes a CTA button for a free investor kit, but when you click on it, it takes you to an error page.

The same is true for their Roth/Traditional IRA Form CTA button, except it takes you back to the page you are already on.

There is also a CTA button for their IRA fee service, and it also just simply takes you right back to the same page.

That said, it does not reflect well on the company because you wonder if their website is regularly updated to ensure it's working properly and is free of bugs and any other kinks that can render visiting their pages and entering your personal information into their forms unsafe.

However, their Express IRA CTA express button works from what we can tell without actually filling it out and submitting it to the company.

Self Directed IRA Services, Inc.?

Lexi Capital states that it partners with Self Directed IRA Services for their clients' alternative assets custodial services. So we visited their company webpage for more information on their services but found the site looked a bit unprofessional.

And, like Lexi Capital's website, the link to their fee schedule also didn't work, which makes the company seem questionable.

They also included a link to their BBB page, which took us to the STRATA Trust Company profile page, which, again, left us confused.

However, upon further research, we found that Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. is now named STRATA Trust Company. However, this company name change is not reflected on Lexi Capital's website, which, again, makes their site look outdated and their company seem unprofessional.

Is Lexi Capital a Scam?

Lexi Capitals A plus rating from the Better Business Bureau

Typically, when a company is a scam, it will not be accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

We found that Lexi Capital is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating with the organization, which seems to suggest the company is not a scam.

However, they have only been accredited with the BBB since 2021, though they've been in business for 12 years.

It also has a few customer reviews on Trustlink, which is a reputable consumer review site. Hence, it also seems to indicate it is a real company with real customer reviews.

It also didn't raise any red flags when we conducted a web search on is Lexi Capital a scam.

However, the company's lack of customer reviews and the absence of customer reviews with the BBB, Consumer Advocate, Trustpilot, and other reputable consumer review sites, makes you feel like they don't have a strong online presence, which doesn't give you much confidence investing a large sum of money with them.

How is Their Customer Support?

The first thing we noticed with the company's customer support is it is mainly only accessible online. They state that, hence, they do not maintain regular phone hours for their customer service.

Instead, they recommend you reach out to them using the contact link provided on their website for a quick response.

However, they still provide a phone number to call them and leave a message if no one answers, but they warn it can take up to 48 hours before someone gets back to you, which can be frustrating if you need immediate help.

Meanwhile, they have 3 customer reviews on Trustlink attesting to their customer support and how customer-focused it is.

One reviewer also stated how prompt their shipping is and how they received their order when promised.

Hence, the company has a 5-star rating based on 3 reviews with Trustlink.

Has There Been Any Complaints About Lexi Capital?

If a company is accredited with the BBB, it's a great way to find out if they have any legitimate customer complaints filed against them.

So we checked Lexi Capital's BBB business page and found that they have no customer complaints filed against them since their accreditation in 2021. However, unfortunately, they also have no customer reviews, which may be due to their short accreditation time.

We also checked other popular consumer review sites, including Consumer Advocate, Trustpilot, and Business Consumer Affairs, and found that they also had no customer complaints against them with these sites.

Again, but they also had no customer reviews on these sites, so it makes it seem as though the company may be inactive. We had the same feeling when reviewing Regal Assets, another precious metals and crypto IRA provider.

Conclusion of our review on Lexi Capital

At first glance, we liked that the company's site offered simplicity, which made it easy to navigate through the different pages and find various information on the company in just a few clicks.

Otherwise, some sites can be bogged down with visuals and information that can make it overwhelming to find information and explore their site.

However, when a site is simple because it seems to have left out the most important information, it makes it seem more like it's neglected rather than was simply sticking to the clever notion that less is more.

Outdated Website

The same goes for when a company's site contains outdated information; it makes it seem as if they don't really care about their reputation, so how can you trust them to care about or take your business or investments seriously?

No list of the Gold Products They Offer

We also noticed that Lexi Capital does not include a list of the gold products they offer, unlike other precious metals companies, which is also one of the first things you want to know as an investor to determine if you want to work with them.

It's also a great way for newcomers to actually see the precious metals they could own as part of their IRA account, which helps encourage them to learn more about them and invest.

A Lack of Customer Reviews

Lexi Capital also lacks sufficient customer reviews to even show that it has customers, whether they are satisfied or not, so it makes you question if they are still in business.

Inconsistent Business Details

We also found that the company's address was inconsistent across various consumer review platforms. Therefore, we're not sure if it is because the company has several locations, which, again, should be included on their site, or if they were simply totally different companies in the same business and with the same name.

Our Final Verdict

Lexi Capital just has too many inconsistencies when it comes to their professional image. Therefore, we find it hard to recommend them as a precious metals company you should consider when looking for the best alternative IRA company for you. Noble Gold Investments or Patriot Gold Group are much better options.

Maybe over time, if the company suddenly springs to life in its online presence, we can review it again at that time to get a better feel for who the company really is.

Until then, sadly, they appear as a precious company that may be doing just enough to get by and to receive a BBB accreditation. However, unfortunately, that is not enough when it comes to pooling your hard-earned money into such a large investment.

Our rating: 3/5

a 3 stars review sign out of 5