Our review of Noble Gold Investments

In this day and age of seeking new, more stable ways to diversify your retirement savings against a weakening economy, etc., Noble Gold helps makes it easy to support your goals with physical gold and silver assets, which have been proven to outperform traditional investments during times of world financial uncertainty.

Hence, they offer an ideal balance for your long-term portfolio.

The company’s gold, silver, platinum and palladium are also IRS-approved, so even if you already have a retirement plan, you can roll over some or all of the funds from it into a precious metals IRA for improved diversity.

Noble Gold’s account managers also assist you through the IRA setup and rollover process to fund your new retirement plan for less stress, added safety, and compliance.

They will also partner with you to make your gold and silver acquisitions, using their more than 15 years of experience, which has earned them the privilege of overseeing more than $1 billion in holdings to this day.

The company also differs from others in its class in that it also provides its clients with proof of their precious metals purchases via a photograph showing them being put into the vault to show that they value your trust.

In the meantime, after you’ve acquired your bullion or coins, if you decide to dispose of them, Noble Gold will get them back without the need for an explanation.

Our review of Noble Gold in a few words

Company name: Noble Gold

BBB grade: A+

Summary: Noble Gold has a proven track record of assisting investors with purchasing gold, silver, and other precious metals for their retirement portfolios and emergencies that spans more than 20 years.

The company also works with only the most trusted advisors that are dedicated to helping clients preserve their wealth using tangible assets that outperform the market during questionable national and global occurrences when other investment types tend to decline in value.

Members can also rest assured they will be provided with the most useful and
up-to-date information to make the wisest investment decisions as opposed to just jumping in cold turkey.

Our score: 4.5/5

four and a half out of five stars

Pros about Noble Gold:

The Company Makes it Possible to Own Physical Gold Via Your IRA

IRS approved American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf Gold IRA coins

Owning physical gold is probably a dream of many. However, when it is owned as part of your IRA, it comes with more advantages.

For instance, you have access to the most state-of-the-art depositories in the U.S. to store your assets.

They are also specifically designed to store such rare metal resources; therefore, they ensure your gold is always kept at the right temperature to maintain its beauty and under maximum security for peace of mind.

Your holdings are also fully insured, so you can rest assured should a disaster occur.

Gold IRA clients also benefit from the expert knowledge of an experienced staff to help make the most quality gold acquisitions. In fact, it is required by the IRS that the gold in your IRA be of the highest purity to qualify.

A gold IRA also enables you to receive the same tax shelter as other retirement accounts while making your contributions but with the added benefit of being able to take possession of the physical gold when you retire, which can then be kept in your family as part of your heritage.

Individuals Can Also Own Silver, Platinum, and Palladium As Part of Their IRA

a 3 oz Silver American Virtue Thomas Jefferson coin you can get by opening an account with Noble Gold Investments

As a silver IRA company, Noble Gold also offers a selection of fine silver coins and bullion that individuals can also add to their gold IRA for increased diversity. Or they can simply get them on their own as part of their IRA.

If they’d like, members can also add platinum and/or palladium assets to their IRA for a more well-rounded diversified retirement portfolio.

The company also sells some of the most in-demand rare coins worldwide, which have been personally selected by experts for their superior grade and certification.

It is a Self-Directed IRA

When clients choose a precious metals IRA, they also have complete say-so over the holdings added to it because it is a self-directed retirement account. However, this is provided the coins and/or bullion are IRS-approved.

IRS-approved coins and bullion simply means they meet certain purity or fineness levels for quality, which helps ensure they offer maximum value. They must also be produced by a government or other IRS-approved mint to meet the requirements.

Your account specialist will walk you through the entire process of choosing the assets for your account to ensure you understand which choices are compliant. They can also help you choose the best assets for your long-term investment goals.

Your Custodian is Equity Trust

Equity Trust company logo a directed IRA custodian

Equity Institutional is through the Equity Trust Company, which has almost over 20 years of experience in self-directed IRAs for alternative assets.

As your IRS-approved custodian, they will assist with your precious metal transactions and ensure they get to your chosen depository safe and sound. From then on, they will help manage your IRA account, including providing the IRS with all necessary documents and more.

They will also remain available to answer any questions about your IRA and help with future holdings. And then, when you retire, they will also assist with the sale of your assets, or you can have them shipped to your home.

An account custodian is required by IRS for your self-directed IRA to maintain its tax benefits and more.

The most reputable gold IRA companies like Birch Gold Group and Augusta work with this custodian.

Members Can Choose Texas Storage

As a member, you have the option to store your IRA holdings in Texas Storage, which provides many benefits, including it is located in Texas, where they make their own state laws, so the depository is not affected by U.S. laws.

However, it is still a registered secure facility that has been vetted for approval.

Your precious metals are also segregated, which means they are stored apart from other clients’ assets, so your specific gold, silver, etc., is yours.

The facility also allows you to visit, provided you make an appointment.

Noble Gold is also the only gold company that stores precious metals in Texas, which it is able to do so via a partnership with the International Depository Services in Dallas.

You Can Track Your Account Online and in Real Time

Once your precious metals have safely reached the depository of your choice, you can keep track of your IRA any time you want via the online account provided by your Equity custodian.

However, you are charged for the service as part of your annual depository fee.

Noble Gold’s Costs are Listed on Their Site

Noble Gold is also transparent in its fees, which are provided in the FAQs section of the company’s website.

In general, users can expect to be charged an $80 annual fee for their gold IRA, and they will also be responsible for storage and insurance fees charged by the depository.

Both the Texas and the Delaware depository provide segregated storage for $150 annually. This cost also includes insurance.

Silver IRAs, on the other hand, have an annual storage fee of $225; however, the Texas storage charges an additional $250 fee because silver takes up significantly more space than gold.

You can also opt for non-segregated storage, which will cost you about $160 annually, and it also includes insurance.

To find out the company’s minimum investment requirement and custodian fees, you’ll need to contact one of their specialists.

You Can Educate Yourself Via Their Website Learning resources

the Gold and Silver investment guide created by Noble Gold

Our score: 4.5/5

four and a half out of five stars

Their company also makes it easy to learn investment basics and more on your own using the various educational resources provided on their site.

You can also check out the latest financial news, updates, and tips via the learning section.

The company also offers a free gold and silver guide to help you learn yet even more about investing in precious metals. You can get it by clicking on the button located above this paragraph.

Hence, together, they help ensure you know all you can about investing in silver, gold, and more, so you can make informed choices you can live with.

You Can Also Acquire Gold and Silver to Be sent to Your Residence (outside of a retirement account)

Members can also get gold, silver, palladium and platinum independently of an IRA and instead have them delivered to their doorstep, which is useful for emergencies.

Or you can choose to have them stored in a private, non-IRS-approved depository offshore or the International Depository Services in the U.S., where you can withdraw all or part of your precious metals collection whenever you’d like.

Their Royal Survival Packs range from $5,000 to 500,000, and they also have a special option if you wish to pay in bitcoin.

The combination of precious metals in their packs is specially hand-selected for their worldwide recognition to ensure they are easily accepted during harsh economic times.

Your Royal Survival Pack also arrives at your door in a discreet package for added security. They are also fully insured during shipment to your home or chosen depository, and all acquisitions are kept private.

Their packs also come with all the paperwork you need to track your investment on your own. They also include authentication documents to prove your ownership.

Easy Withdrawal Process

When you are ready to retire, Noble Gold helps make it simple to withdraw your assets or funds from your account.

Simply contact your IRA specialist, and they will have your gold, silver, palladium or platinum sent to you.

Or the company also has a buyback program, so you can easily exchange your holdings back to them for cash if you’d like.

The process is the same even if you have not yet reached retirement age and would like to have your precious metal delivered to your home or liquidated for cash. However, taxes and penalties may apply.

A Ratings and 5-Star Testimonies

Noble Gold maintains an A+ with the Better Business Bureau and an AA with the Business Consumer Alliance.

It is also top-rated with Consumer Affairs, which it has earned for 4 consecutive years.

The company also has 5-star with Consumer Alliance for its more than 100 positive feedback.

Cons about Noble Gold:

They Do Not List Their Minimum Required Investment on Their Site

The company is very transparent in its costs for a Noble Gold IRA, which are listed in detail in the FAQs section. However, it does not list the minimum required for the gold or silver IRA accounts.

Instead, you have to contact the company via phone or by filling out the contact form on their site to find out, which takes additional time and may cause you to feel pressured to act.

They do list the minimum required investments for their Royal Survival Packs, which start at $10,000. However, they state that their minimum required for the survival packs is $5,000 in the FAQs section.

Is Noble Gold a Scam?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, one of the main actions you can take to see if a company is a scam before doing business with them is to conduct an online search of the company’s name with the word scam or complaint.

This way, the search engine will return any negative reports concerning the company, which you can then read to see what others have to share about their products and services.

So we did just that, and what we found is that every search result that was returned contained no complaints of Noble Gold being a scam. In fact, each website we viewed was straightforward in its statement that it is a legitimate business, including Consumer Affairs.

So it might be safe to say this firm is not a scam. However, it is still always recommended that you also conduct your own research on a company to see if you feel comfortable with them before investing large sums.

Noble Golds accreditations from the Better Business Bureau Trustlink and consumer affairs

How is Their Customer Support?

Noble Gold boasts that its mission is to provide the highest level of customer support with friendly account managers at your disposal to help you complete your IRA setup.

This includes helping you fill out the application and any IRA transfer paperwork and working with your former custodian to begin your rollover.

They are also highly knowledgeable and experienced to help educate you on choosing the best precious metal investments for your account.

Their team managers will also connect you to other experts in different fields to help you benefit from other areas of finance and more for your portfolio.

Suffice it to say we found several comments on various reputable sites to back up their claims.

Has There Been Any Complaints About Noble Gold?

Similar to another reputable precious metals dealer called Monex, despite the many positive ratings and testimonies, Noble Gold does have a few complaints filed against them.

They have 3 complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau, which occurred within the last 3 years, with their most recent complaint having to do with issues with their product or service.

However, they also have a business response rate of 100% with the BBB, which means they are quick to acknowledge any issues and resolve them in a timely manner.

The company also has 1 complaint brought against them with Consumer Alliance in which the person was granted a full refund. No details of the complaint are disclosed on their site.

To conclude our audit

Noble Gold Lives Up to Its Name

Noble Gold definitely lives up to its name with the finest gold, silver, platinum, and palladium offerings that are IRS-approved to be added to your IRA account, while the abundance of high business ratings and customer reviews just leaves you wanting more.

They are also one of the only companies to offer expertly selected Royal Survival Packs for emergencies, as if you didn’t feel regal enough as an IRA owner. Or you can simply get them on your own to share in the luxury.

They Value Your Privacy and Trust in Their Products

We also like that they value their clients’ privacy by providing them the option of storing their asssets in the Texas Storage, which is protected from U.S. laws, and they are also the only precious metals company to be granted permission to do so. Again, attesting to their elite stature.

They also seem to specifically push segregated storage, which means they also care that your gold and silver are your gold and silver.

You also receive a photograph of them being placed into the vault as proof and also receive authentication papers and home delivery, which shows that they value your trust in their premium products.

Their Focus is Total Wealth Management

Their perceived focus on total wealth management by providing access to estate planners, financial advisors, and more also enables you to one-stop-shop for all your investment needs, which helps save time and confusion looking elsewhere for help.

We Wish Their Minimum Required Investment Was Listed on Their Site

In the end, with all the built-up excitement from previewing the company’s products and services, it would just be nice if their minimum required amount was listed on their site, so you know before you get emotionally invested in them if they are the right company for your situation.