30 Part-Time Job Ideas for Retirees

Not every retiree wants to fade away into the sunset after retirement. Many are interested in working at least part-time to earn some extra cash. Read these 30 part-time job ideas for retirees to begin planning your future retirement now.

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A Few Simple Ways to Use Your Natural Skills in a Part-Time Job Position

1. Become a Nanny or a Babysitter

Many retirees enjoy spending time with children. Why not become a nanny for a family that needs your assistant? Some grandparents also become babysitters for their own grandkids. Other job options include working in a nearby daycare center, church nursery or another daycare place.

2. Consider Bookkeeping if You Are Good with Numbers

If you enjoy keeping the books or are good with numbers and balancing a checkbook, you might be interested in becoming a part-time bookkeeper or accountant. There are many different types of businesses that need this service.

3. Be a Tutor to Someone in Your Community

Use your years of experience to help another in your community by becoming a tutor. This could be in education or in some type of hobby line of work like sewing, cooking or woodworking. Many seniors also work as mentors to young people, children or teens.

4. Work as a Pet Sitter or Become a Dog Walker

Seniors who love pets may be interested in becoming a dog walker, pet sitter or pet groomer. This is a flexible job option that can also give seniors extra cash and the reward of enjoying the company of animals on a regular basis.

5. Put Your Gardening & Lawn Skills to Use as a Landscaper

If you enjoy working in your yard or have natural talent as a gardener, put those gardening and lawn skills to good use by becoming a landscaper, gardener or other related job position. These are often summer or seasonal jobs, and it is surprising how many businesses and private homeowners need this type of worker.

Take Care of Other People’s Property or See Local Shows & Events

6. Get a Job in Security if You Have Training as a Police Officer or a Military Background

Many seniors are retired veterans and have ample experience in keeping property and people safe from harm. Others have a background as a police officer or related security field position. Why not get a part-time job keeping other people’s property and values safe by getting into the security business? This type of work often offers flexible hours and nighttime work.

7. Become a House Sitter for People on Vacations

Many people travel for work or enjoyment and worry about leaving their home or businesses empty while they are away. Seniors can make some extra cash by becoming a house sitter for these individuals.

8. Use Your Training to Become a Consultant After Retirement

Lots of retirees do not retire completely just because they reach a certain age, read our guide on the 3 types of retirement to learn more. Use your training and background to become a consultant in your field of work after retirement. This could be as an engineer, architect, interior designer or just about any line of work really.

9. Become an Usher or Work the Concessions at Local Events

Some seniors take advantage of part-time jobs working as an usher or a concession stand worker to see fun and exciting events and shows while earning some funds on the side. Many event venues, traveling shows and performance centers need lots of part-time workers that live locally.

10. Consider Working as a Tax Preparer

Every year, tax season rolls around, and this means that seniors have an excellent choice for a part-time job working as a tax preparer. This is usually seasonal work, but some businesses have need of a tax preparer all year round.

Get Paid for Doing the Hobbies & Job Duties That You Love

11. Use Your Sewing Skills & Become a Professional Seamstress

Older individuals often have skills that the younger generation lacks. This includes sewing and seamstress skills or professional tailoring. Seniors can find many job opportunities using their sewing skills working for themselves or for a community business that sells, alters or designs clothing.

12. Find a Job That Suits Your Hobbies or Interests

It is possible to find jobs that suit your hobbies or interests after retirement. Use your decorating skills to aid others needing this service. If you own a home pool, consider providing pool maintenance to others in your neighborhood.

Create crafts to sell at annual craft fairs or in businesses that are open all year. The possibilities for part-time retirement jobs of this nature are practically endless.

13. Work at Your Local Elections Office & Voting Sites

Every community has a need for election workers especially during important election years. Many seniors find work doing this type of service at their local election office and voting sites every year.

14. Create Your Own Online Blog

Perhaps you have computer and writing skills that can be used following retirement as a springboard for a part-time job. Consider creating one or more interest blogs or write blog content for others online from the comforts of home.

15. Get Paid by Becoming a Mystery Shopper

Some seniors love to go shopping. Get paid to become a mystery shopper or try out goods that can be mailed to your home for feedback for free or for a monetary payment.

Consider These Fun & Easy Part-Time Retirement Jobs if You Enjoy Working with People

16. Get Extra Cash from Home by Working as a Call Representative for Businesses

Many seniors can make good money from home by becoming a call center representative. Not all of these jobs are based solely on commissions. Some local businesses also have need of in-house receptionists and telephone operators that are ideal for a part-time after retirement job position.

17. Get Paid for Taking Surveys or Become a Census Worker

The government conducts census surveys on specific years. Seniors can get paid for becoming a census worker or for taking surveys of some sort online or door-to-door.

18. Find a Job in Retail or Sales

If you tend to be a people person, then consider finding a job in retail or sales. Many department, specialty or other types of retail stores and establishments will hire seniors because they tend to be more reliable than younger workers in general.

This can be a seasonal job as well, and many retailers hire retired individuals for mall kiosks, as extra counter help and as cashiers or shopping assistants.

19. Become a Cashier, Stocker or Door Greeter at a Nearby Store

Grocery stores, pharmacies, craft and gift shops hire retired employees as cashiers, stockers or door greeters. If you live in a larger urban area, there are many buildings, hotels and other establishments that hire doormen and elevator operators.

20. Consider Becoming a Substitute Teacher or Teacher’s Aide

Retired teachers often become substitute teachers later, and there are often many job positions for teacher’s aides and related employment positions for those without professional training.

Find Terrific Part-Time Retirement Jobs Right in Your Own Community

21. Become a Home Care Companion or Aide for Someone in Need

There are many elderly individuals and those who are disabled who live alone or need care services or companionship at least part time. Many seniors become home care or community-based companions or aides for someone in need.

22. Consider Becoming a Taxi, Uber or Limo Driver

If driving around your town is an enjoyable pastime for you, consider becoming a taxi, van, uber, bus or limo driver as a second job following retirement.

23. Find Seasonal Work in Your Community

Many retailers and other businesses are in need of seasonal work right in your own community. This type of work includes job positions like Santas or elves during the Christmas season, gardening and other outdoor work during the warmer months as well as park, campground and tourist site employment during their open season.

24. Use Your Photography Skills for Weddings, Special Events & Contests

Perhaps you have photography skills and are interested in making a living or earning some extra spending money using these skills. Why not become a wedding or other special event photographer following retirement? There are often opportunities to enter photos in contests that can also earn you some cool cash.

25. Become a Handyman

Lots of retirement individuals enjoy keeping up with household or outdoor property chores. It is possible to become a handyman for extra dollars following retirement. Many working parents and other homeowners do not have the right tools, training or time to keep up with these important tasks and are more than happy to hire others to do so for them.

More Part-Time After Retirement Job Opportunities to Explore

26. Use Your People & History Skills to Become a Tour Guide

Many retirees can use their experience of living in their community to become a tour guide at a local spot for extra after retirement cash. Seniors often find jobs working as tour guides at historic and tourist sites within their geographical area.

This could be a cruise or boat guide, a tour guide for museums and other places of interests or as a historic tour guide position complete with period costumes.

27. Become a Writer, Editor or Virtual Assistant

Retirees who have excellent writing or grammar skills could become a writer, editor or virtual assistant. Many of these job positions are part-time and can be done online or at home. There are jobs in libraries, bookstores and bookmobiles for seniors interested in sharing their love of books and reading with others in their communities.

28. Open Up a New Business

Many retirees decide to open up a new business after their retirement. This can be a wonderful opportunity to do something that you love dearly for extra income.

After retirement business ideas include:

  • Restaurant or other food service like catering or a bakery
  • Golfing, tennis or other sport coach or teacher
  • Designing buildings, shop windows or home interiors
  • Selling makeup or else or holding in-home parties centered on sales
  • Cleaning services
  • Painting, plumbing or other home-related jobs
  • Teaching aerobics, dance, music or theater

29. Get into the Real Estate Business

Many retirees earn extra dollars by getting into the lucrative real estate business. This can be as easy as renting out a space or as complex as selling homes, businesses and land.

30. Become a Parking Attendant, Doorman, Delivery Person or Park Guide

Some other part time jobs after retirement include positions as a nature park ranger or guide, a parking attendant, a doorman or a delivery person of some type.

Final Thoughts

Finally reaching retirement age is usually a feat that is long anticipated to arrive. However, there are still plenty of part-time job opportunities after retiring from your usual career or job position. These part-time after retirement possibilities should be used only as a starting point.