Our Complete review of Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group is a gold IRA dealer that enables investors to buy IRS-compliant gold and silver bullion and coins using their retirement account. Or they also offer the option to have your precious metals delivered to your doorstep if you’d like.

The company also promises to provide its clients with a wide range of information brought to them by none other than the industry’s leading experts to assist them with making the best investment choices for their plans.

They also provide historical precious metals charts and display live silver, gold, platinum, and palladium prices on their site to help you track their performance and time your purchases for the most reasonable investments.

There is also a search box to check the value of different items.

Brief Review of Patriot Gold Group

Company name: Patriot Gold Group

BBB grade: A+

If you are looking for an all-American precious metals company that prides itself on offering competitive pricing, the chance to work directly with its owners, and no fees for life on qualifying IRAs, then we recommend you check out Patriot Gold Group.

The company is also vetted as a real company with an A+ BBB rating and accreditation, an AAA and accreditation with Consumer Alliance, and over one hundred verified 5-star customer reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

However, be prepared to contact the company for their costs and which custodians and depositories they use because these details are not listed on their site.

Our score: 4.5/5

four and a half out of five stars
beware check if Patriot Gold Group is among our list of unreliable gold IRA companies that should be avoided

Should you work with Patriot Gold Group in 2024?

We understand how difficult it is to choose a reliable precious metals company to work with. For that reason, we created a list of gold IRA dealers that we think are best to avoid. Click on the button below to make sure Patriot Gold Group isn’t one of them and discover our top 3 recommendations for this year.

Pros about Patriot Gold Group IRAs

Their Service is Specially Designed to Eliminate Retail Costs

Patriot Gold Groups logo a US based precious metals dealer

When you work with Patriot Gold Group, they boast that you will never pay retail due to the unique way their company is set up to eliminate costly executive and shareholder fees.

By doing so, it enables you to get the best amount for your gold and silver with the added pride of knowing that most of your hard-earned money is actually going toward your investments and not into someone else’s pocket.

Qualifying IRAs Enjoy the Benefit of No Fees for Life

If you want to set up a precious metals IRA with the company but are unsure as to which type you should choose, they state that it’s okay because their experienced Patriot Gold Group representatives will work closely with you to help you decide based on your vision for retirement.

They even give the chance to save even more on your IRA with a no charges for life plan.

To qualify, you simply have to open a gold or silver IRA with the required minimum investment amount. However, there may also be other details to qualify, so be sure to inquire about them when you contact the company.

Or you can also fill out the online form on their site to get more information.

Easy IRA Account Signup

The company also promises to help make the account signup process easier with less paperwork.

You can also begin your account setup right from their website via the online application any time of the day or night to help make it easier.

Once you fill out and submit the application, you will be put in touch with an account specialist who will assist you through the next steps of funding your account and making your precious metal investments.

They also boast that their IRA process is super-fast, so you can begin enjoying the benefits of your account in no time.

They Have a Dedicated 401K and IRA Rollover Department

no fees for life on qualifying IRAs with Patriot Gold Group

When you open an account with Patriot Gold Group, you have at least two options for funding it, which will then allow you to make the precious metal investments you want for retirement.

You can fund your gold IRA account using cash or their specialists can roll over your existing 401K, IRA, or another retirement account to your new plan.

In fact, they have a dedicated IRA and 401k rollover department whose specific job is to assist you step-by-step through the entire IRA funds transfer process.

And if you opt for a direct rollover, your account administrator will work with your old account administrator to have the funds from your previous retirement plan deposited directly into your new account without taxes and penalties.

However, you can also choose an indirect rollover and take hold of the amount from your old account to fund your gold IRA yourself. But be warned, you will be responsible for early withdrawal taxes and penalties if the amount isn’t posted to your gold IRA account within 60 days.

They Will Help You Choose a Private Depository and Custodian

Their team representatives will also provide you with a list of private depositories to choose from for the safe storage of your assets.

In fact, the IRS requires that the precious metals in your IRA be held in a safe depository in the U.S. to qualify for the same recognition and tax benefits as traditional IRAs.

You will also need to select a custodian to oversee and manage your account details, including any future acquisitions and paperwork, which is also required by the IRS.

However, if you choose to acquire gold, silver, platinum, or palladium independent of an IRA, you can still choose to have them stored in a safe depository with the company, they even offer storage abroad if you’d like, or you have them delivered discreetly to your door for your own safekeeping.

You Get to Work Directly With Leading Industry Experts

Silver and Gold IRA investor guides by Patriot Gold Group this company also offers Texas Storage

As a client, you also have the rare opportunity to work directly with the company’s top executives, who, together, have a combined 50 years of experience throughout the industry for a wealth of knowledge.

For instance, their CEO and a senior member of the Retail Division has at least 20 years of experience in investments, including futures and commodities trading, as a Director of Sales and a General Manager, which has earned him a reputation as an expert in his field.

Their retirement specialist also holds his own, with over 10 years of experience in IRA diversification with the company. This after holding several top management positions in some of the largest retail precious metals companies in the nation.

Meanwhile, the other senior partners, associates, and the portfolio manager also have impressive track records in the field of finance, venture capitalism, technology, and more, where they also held top positions in some of the most reputable industry firms as general managers, directors of trading, directors of retirement services, and more.

They Enable You to Observe the U.S. Dollar and Other Major Currencies Versus Gold and Silver

To find information on how gold and silver performances fare against the U.S. dollar and other major currencies, visit their Knowledge Center located on their company’s website.

This way, you can witness how gold and silver have outperformed the U.S. dollar and more over the last 20 years to get a general idea of their power and why you should consider adding them to your retirement portfolio for greater diversity and more confidence when investing.

Clients also have access to an RMD calculator on their site to see how much their assets are worth at any given time throughout the lifetime of their account in case they choose to liquidate them.

It can also be used to estimate how much your precious metals will be worth at the time of your retirement, so you can determine how much you need to invest today to get the cash you want later.

Receive a Bonus Coin With Phone Qualification

When you contact the company by phone, you may also receive a silver coin, provided your situation qualifies. You can also receive investor tips, alerts and more when you sign up for their weekly market updates.

Voted #1 Gold IRA Dealer in the U.S. by Consumer Affairs

Patriot Gold Group was rated number 1 gold IRA dealer by consumer affairs 4 years in a row 2016 2017 2018 2019

Consumer Affairs is a reputable consumer advocacy agency that provides customer testimonies and news for safe investment decisions and more.

The firm holds an overall 5-star with the site and has been voted #1 Gold IRA Dealer in the U.S. by the agency for 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 based on their over 750 perfect customer ratings.

They also have an overall 5-star with Google for their many positive feedback. Featured Reviews also gives them 5-star for their overall user satisfaction.

The company also holds a AAA with the Business Consumer Alliance.

Like some of its competitor, Advantage Gold or American Bullion, Patriot Gold Group is also a certified Professional Coin Grading establishment and a member of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

Cons about Patriot Gold

The Company Doesn’t Say Which Custodians or Depositories You Can Choose From

Patriot Gold Group’s site states that, as a member, you can enjoy complimentary registered and insured shipping; however, they don’t state which depositories they use.

This is important to know because different depositories offer different benefits, such as your choice of segregated or non-segregated storage and access to your account online to track its performance.

Precious metals depositories are also located in different areas throughout the U.S., so knowing which ones the company works with also helps you know if there is a chance you can choose a storage facility near you for emergencies and more.

They also don’t list which custodians they work with, which is also important to know when choosing a precious metals IRA company.

You Have to Call the Company to Get Information on Pricing

There are various costs associated with an IRA precious metals account, including account setup, storage, custodian fees, and more, which are important to know when determining if a company is right for you.

Hence, many companies typically list their gold IRA costs on their site for greater transparency and added convenience.

However, their site states that you have to call for pricing, which takes up time and may make you feel pressured to act and/or intimidated if their costs are out of your range.

Is Patriot Gold Group a Scam?

The first place we always look to get a hint if a precious metals business is a scam or not is the Better Business Bureau site.

Here, you can find various official details about the company, including its business address, website, email, telephone number, number of years in business, type of business, and more to ensure it is a legally registered entity.

You can also read any testimonies shared on the site to see what past members have to say about its legitimacy.

The site also has whether the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and also what BBB grade it has.

Accredited by the BBB since 2022

That said, after checking Patriot Gold Group’s business profile on the BBB website, we found that the company’s listed contact information and business managers are the same as advertised on its site, and it also has an A+ with the BBB.

It is also accredited by the BBB and has been so since 4/2022.

We also checked various other reputable consumer sites, including Consumer Affairs and Trustpilot, to see if there was any feedback regarding the company being a scam and found nothing but positive testimonials.

After conducting a more thorough search of the company on the internet, we still couldn’t find any search engine results stating that it was an unreliable firm.

Therefore, as far as we can see, there is no solid proof available online to conclude that Patriot Gold is not trustworthy. Make sure to read our in depth guide about how to avoid gold IRA scams if you want to learn more.

How is Their Customer Support?

Patriot Gold Group states that it is committed to providing the highest level of support to each of its members by providing them all the benefits needed for a superior precious metals IRA, including a fast and simple account setup, no retail and no fees for life on qualifying IRAs.

They also promise to provide you with a wealth of knowledge by allowing you to work directly with their company’s owners.

Their many positive feedback on Google, Consumer Affairs, Featured Reviews, and more back up their claims with numerous statements of how well-informed their professionals were, how patient they were in answering their questions, and how excellent their customer service was, which made them happy to do business with them.

Hence, it’s probably safe to say that their customer support is good.

Has There Been Any Complaints About Patriot Gold?

To find any complaints on Patriot Gold Group, again, we first turned to the Better Business Bureau to check the information provided in their business profile, which also includes any complaints that were filed against them, when, and, in some cases, why.

It also shows if the issues were resolved by the business and their response rate when handling their complaints, with the highest rating being 100%.

After checking their BBB business profile, we found zero complaints filed against Patriot Group via the site.

We checked various major consumer feedback sites, including Yelp, Consumer Alliance, Trustpilot, and Facebook and found that the company also had no complaints against them on any of those platforms.

So as of current, there are no complaints about this firm that we know of.

To conclude our analysis on Patriot Gold

All-American Company With a Combined 50+ Years of Experience in the Field

Patriot Gold Group is comparable to American Hartford Gold, another famous precious metals company, in that it hails itself as an all-American company that takes care of its users, which starts by providing them with the lowest pricing on gold, silver, palladium and platinum.

This way, everyday, hardworking people can also benefit from the diversity and inflation hedge they provide for retirement.

We also like how they differ from other companies in that they allow you to work one-on-one with their owners for a more personal learning experience that is sure to make a world of difference when it comes to building your portfolio.

No Retail Pricing

It also eliminates the middleman, so there are no commissions and other relatable costs, which enables the company to pass on the savings to you for the best prices on their products.

Save Even More on Your IRA When You Make the Qualifying Investment

You also have the opportunity to qualify for their no fees for life IRA, which is just another way they try to help you save over the lifetime of your retirement account.

Hence, with all the value-added benefits and professional education Patriot Group provides, it would be hard not to recommend them as a precious metals company you should definitely check out.

They Check Out as a Reputable Company

They also have high scores and accreditation with the BBB and Consumer Alliance, which attests to their professionalism, while their more than one hundred 5-star consumer testimonies speak to their excellent service for added confidence.

It Would Help if They Listed Their IRA Costs on Their Site and Which Custodians and Depositories They Work With

However, we just wish they displayed their costs for their gold IRA on their site to help make it easier to know if they are the right company for you before contacting them.

It’d be nice if they also included details on which depository and custodians they use on their site, which would also help you make a decision before reaching out to them.

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