Our Complete Review of Rosland Capital

If you’re asking questions about the best gold and precious metals custodian in the market, why not start with Rosland Capital? Rosland Capital is an established company. They should assist you in setting up your self-directed gold precious metals retirement account today. Be aware, they’ve received customer complaints over time. We will address what customers say about Rosland Capital in this review.

Our review of Rosland Capital in short

Company name: Rosland Capital

BBB grade: A+

Summary: Rosland Capital is recognized by many other companies in the precious metals investment industry. They’ve been in business for many years and are recognized for setting and maintaining high standards. Like many financial services companies, Rosland Capital deals with individual investors and others. The company has received few complaints over time, however, they have all been addressed.

Our rating: 4.5/5

four and a half out of five stars
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Should you work with Rosland Capital in 2024?

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What You Will Learn in Our Complete Review of Rosland Capital?

  • Rosland Capital is an established precious metals and gold company.
  • They serve long-term investors who want to own physical gold and precious metals assets in an IRA or other retirement account or customer account.
  • Rosland Capital has been in business for 15 years.
  • Rosland Capital has both happy and unhappy customers. We provide an overview of online customer reviews for Rosland Capital.
  • Why you should consider Rosland Capital for your investing needs.
  • Rosland Capital is a legitimate business and is not a scam.
  • How to invest in physical precious metals and gold assets for your retirement in a Rosland Capital Gold IRA or precious metals retirement account.
  • How to setup your Rosland Capital Gold IRA or precious metals retirement account.
  • Why you should invest retirement funds in precious metals and gold to retain its purchasing power, according to the lessons of history.

Perform Due Diligence About Rosland Capital

Before we get started, we realize that investors must perform due diligence to select a precious metals company they can trust. You work hard for your money and now expect it to work hard for you!

For this reason, our Rosland Capital review offers useful information to address your questions as part of making the best decision. Towards this end, this Rosland Capital review makes comparing and ultimately selecting precious metals companies as simple as possible.

Rosland Capital is one of the most highly recommended companies for your consideration now. Request Rosland Capital’s Free Gold Investing Packet now to protect your wealth and lock in significant tax savings for your retirement.

About Rosland Capital

rosland capital logo
Rosland Capital company logo

There’s a lot of information on the internet about Rosland Capital. If you want to know what Rosland Capital’s all about and whether it meets obligations to its clients, you’re in the right place. Many clients report that Rosland Capital makes good on its promises and offerings.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Rosland Capital is, “Are they a legitimate company?” They’re a frequent advertiser, and many potential clients believe their commercials are straightforward and provide good information.

This is perhaps the basis of legitimacy. Rosland Capital advertises its services directly to the public and those with an interest in learning more are invited to directly reach out to Rosland Capital’s customer service team.

Of course, successful commercials don’t define whether a company is the real deal or not. You must dig a little deeper to learn more about Rosland Capital. That’s the purpose of our Rosland Capital review:

  • Rosland Capital is Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited.
  • It’s been in business for about 15 years (founded 2008).
  • Rosland Capital is a member of the BCA Research.
  • Many organizations, e.g. the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), vet gold investment companies to ensure that they’re dealing with investors in good faith.

Is Rosland Capital a Scam?

Rosland Capitals BBB A plus profile has a 4.69 stars rating based on 287 customer reviews and 21 complaints

No, Rosland Capital is a company in good standing. All companies dealing with the public have customer complaints. Rosland Capital has had a modest number of customer complaints over the years.

However, if you’re considering Rosland Capital for your investments in precious metals, you should ask how it handles customer complaints. That’s much more important.

Rosland Capital maintains physical offices at 11766 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90025, and directly communicates with its customers by phone, mail, and electronic mail. Rosland Capital is also rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

This rating reflects Rosland Capital’s willingness to promptly address customer complaints filed with the BBB. It’s one more reason to have confidence in Rosland Capital’s willingness to take care of its customers. Of course, an “A+” rating is one more reason to recommend Rosland Capital for your consideration.

Customer Complaints

Any business routinely interacting with individual investors is likely to have some customer complaints. To best understand Rosland Capital, let’s review their customer complaints.

Most commonly, customers report:

  • The coins they bought from Rosland Capital were overpriced
  • Rosland Capital’s delivery of precious metals purchased by customers was delayed
  • Rosland Capital’s customer service representatives were less than desired
  • Failure to fully understand how it’s possible to own precious metals while enjoying tax advantages of a self-directed retirement plan account, e.g., a self-directed gold IRA or 401(k) account

In addition, some clients have complained about Rosland Capital’s overall delivery processes and procedures. They say, based on tracking information, more than 14 days are required to receive their precious metals purchases from Rosland Capital.

Naturally, holding physical precious metals is only possible for those investors NOT investing in a self-directed gold IRA or another retirement account. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) prohibits retirement plan investors from holding precious metals at home.

These tax-favored precious metals assets must be held in an approved physical depository. Otherwise, the investor may lose their favorable tax advantages of owning precious metals in a self-directed retirement account.

In addressing delivery process matters, Rosland Capital reports they’re comparatively faster than other businesses in their industry. BCA gives Rosland Capital an investment grade “AAA” rating. This is the very highest rating available to businesses in Rosland Capital’s industry.

BCA reports that Rosland Capital has had only 13 customer complaints in the past three years. It has received five-star customer reviews. In addition, it settled approximately $180,000 in disputes since its inception. All customer complaints were promptly resolved.

Business Consumer Alliance and Rosland Capital

The Business Consumer Alliance reports that Rosland Capital expeditiously addressed customer complaints through the years. Customers requiring full refunds were provided them. Other clients received satisfactory adjustments.

As such, Rosland Capital demonstrates strong customer focus. Customers are the lifeblood of their business. Their customer service team’s only mission is to satisfy Rosland Capital’s customers in a reasonable time frame.

Although Rosland Capital has received customer complaints over the years, new customers should consider how Rosland Capital deals with these matters when they occur.

Reports show that Rosland Capital expedites the customer complaints process. It also continuously seeks to improve its customer service and complaint resolution procedures. Rosland Capital’s attention to detail is reflected by their willingness to improve and fine-tune their customer service team.

Many customers feel that an organization’s customer service says it all. In other words, it’s not unreasonable to assume that all financial services companies and perhaps all businesses dealing with the public have customer complaints. It’s how the business deals with customers that counts!

Rosland Capital Customer Reviews

Rosland Capital has both customer fans and pans in their customer testimonies. Many clients feel that Rosland Capital takes the time to give clients what they want.

Generally speaking, customers are highly satisfied with Rosland Capital. Clients especially refer to Rosland Capital’s exceptional customer service. Customer service professionals assist in client education and on the potential benefits and value of owning physical precious metals and gold.

Specialists at Rosland Capital are recognized for their ability to discern the customer’s individual situation to help them feel confident about their investment choices.

Positive customer testimonies

• Customer John P. recommends a senior account representative, Heather H. (December 2022) He reports he is a new client of Rosland Capital. Heather H. “made the whole experience so easy and wonderful.” He cites her thoroughness, precision, and focus on helpful information “on every little detail.” He does not “hesitate for one minute to use her again.”

• Customer Joe P. recommends senior account representative, Tyler H. (November 2022) and reports “outstanding customer service from start to finish.” He also reports that he is “very happy” with the products ordered from Rosland Capital.

• Customer Howell S. recommends senior account representative Nicole H. (October 2022). He thanks both Nicole and Rosland Capital “for the help they gave me on investing” in precious metals and coins. He reports that the process of executing the transaction was not complicated. He is “happy with the company and customer service,” and recommends “Rosland Capital to anyone.”

• Customer David S. also recommends senior account executive Nicole H. (October 2022) He says that he was helped from start to finish and will “refer (Rosland) to my friends.”

• Customer Cheryl L. recommends senior account executive Heather H. (October 2022) Heather is praised as “extremely knowledgeable” and “professional.”

• Customer Jack E. (October 2022) reported many successful transactions over a seven-year period with Heather H.

• Customer Christan N. (October 2022) recommends senior account representative Elisabeth L. for her assistance in buying gold and silver.

• Customer Sherrin K. (September 2022) recommends senior account representative Tyler H. As a small investor, the client enjoys being treated like a “big investor.”

• Customer Thomas G. (August 2022) recommends senior account representative Chase G. He reports that Rosland’s staff is helpful in “administering (his) account. They “quickly…efficiently execute asset management orders.” He is confident in their “professionalism and competence” in precious metals, including both transactions and assessment of current markets.

There are many more positive customer comments about Rosland Capital’s team and service offerings. You will read many positive testimonies about the customer service team. Clients mention the Rosland Capital team’s sensitive and caring approach to delivering customer service and precious metals education.

Negative customer reviews

Not all customers post positive reviews, however. It is actually more common for customers to post less-than-glowing online testimonies than it is to take the time to praise flawless performance. For example:

• Customer Clifford N. reports the coins are “very expensive,” and “you will lose money.” It’s important to note that buying and selling precious metals can result in a capital loss.

• Customer Karl M. wrote clients “will lose most of your money. I cannot understand…I must give one star to create a review on TP.” He also refers to Rosland Capital’s team as “evil goblins.”

As you can see, customer reviews reflect the individual’s experience. The majority of customer feedback we read report that customers enjoyed mostly positive experiences with Rosland Capital.

What Are Precious Metals and Gold IRA Accounts?

A precious metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or 401(k) account is a type of retirement plan that’s tax deferred. These retirement accounts are IRS-approved and allow investors seeking to invest in gold and other precious metals to lawfully do so.
Gold and other precious metals retirement accounts are self-directed.

That is, the investor is responsible for making buy and sell decisions in the account. Although these precious metals retirement accounts work much like traditional IRAs and 401(k) accounts, you as the investor are always responsible for paying any taxes or withdrawal fees when you withdraw funds or assets.

One of the most significant benefits of opening a precious metals retirement account is that you don’t pay current tax on any of the money in your account. You pay taxes only when you withdraw funds or assets in retirement.

If you withdraw money or assets before age of 59-1/2, you may be subject to fees and penalties.

Tax-deferred and tax-advantaged retirement accounts are one of the biggest tax benefits investors receive from Uncle Sam. You may use any and all of the funds dedicated to your retirement account for the purposes you want. You contribute to the account(s) each year and pay no taxes until retirement if gains are generated in the account.

Since you’re working with IRS-approved accounts, it’s possible to invest with peace of mind.

Set Up Your Precious Metals Gold IRA at Rosland Capital

Rosland Capitals IRA elligible gold and silver coins American Eagle and Austrian Philharmonic coins

After performing your required due diligence, it’s relatively simple to set up your gold IRA account at Rosland Capital. The Rosland Capital team will answer questions about the possible options available to you.

It’s essential to consider all of your potential retirement account options. You have the opportunity to learn even more about investing in precious metals for retirement now. Take these steps with Rosland Capital:

Self-Directed Gold IRA Setup

Your Rosland Capital representative will work with you. They will send forms needed to open the self-directed retirement account that’s right for you. You fill them out, sign them, and return to Rosland Capital. At this time, you agree to the regulations and terms established by the IRA administrator.

Select Gold or Other Precious Metals

After you establish the account with Rosland Capital, you should review what’s included with your Gold IRA or precious metals retirement account.

Start by funding the account

You will add funds to the Rosland Capital Gold IRA account. You send funds through check or financial institution transfer of funds to the account.

Set up the retirement account to invest in gold and other physical precious metals

The physical metals are safeguarded in a depository on your behalf. The metals are store separately and organized according to federal and state laws for retirement accounts.

Pay annual fees to the IRA custodian firm, Equity Institutional

The annual fees pay for administrative work and the storage of your gold and precious metals assets.

Take minimum distributions at age 72 from your gold and precious metals retirement account.

You may elect to cash out your assets or request your physical assets at that time.

Why Should You Invest in a Gold IRA?

Your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) protects your money for retirement. It also adds to your family’s total financial security.

Your special retirement account enables your ability to set aside tax-sheltered savings for your future use.

Your long-term tax-advantaged retirement account is the place to allocate assets that are both solid and consistently reliable over the long term. Your retirement nest egg should be secure and available for your golden years.

Cash in an IRA

It’s possible to put cash into an Individual Retirement Account but savings rates are at a historically low level. Higher levels of inflation continue to devalue the purchasing power of your funds.

Inflation is currently higher than at any time in more than 40 years.

To combat inflationary pressures, choose dependable assets that retain their value—or increase over time. Historically, the price of gold has consistently increased over the years.

As the global economy struggles through wars, inflation, lockdowns, pandemic, and shortages, uncertainty remains high. Investors choose gold and precious metals to protect their money from the ravages of these effects.

A gold IRA, or precious metals retirement account, can actually prosper during these crises. Unfortunately, many of the economic conditions, i.e. inflation, can negatively impact many financial assets.

Risks of Economic Dangers

Risk in the above scenario involves knowing about these economic dangers but doing little or nothing to protect the purchasing power of your capital.

Safety in the above scenario means acknowledging the economic dangers while taking control to protect your capital.

Rosland Capital’s Gold IRA and other precious metals retirement accounts help you to protect against these financial dangers while protecting your money from current taxes. Money grows more quickly without the impact of current taxes.

Rosland Capital Fees

You pay no added or hidden fees to open a Rosland Capital Gold IRA. The costs you pay to open a Rosland Capital Gold IRA or precious metals retirement plan are completely transparent.

Rosland Capital shares information about investing costs. Some costs are associated with setting up your Gold IRA:

  • Your account setup fee is $50. Another separate administrative fee is $225.
  • You fund the account with $10,000 minimum value.
  • You will pay separately for gold and precious metals storage.
  • You will pay individual transaction fees. Your assigned account representative will answer any questions about these fees.

Rosland Capital Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the recommended investment size for gold or precious metals?

Each client’s investment portfolio is fine-tuned to their requirements. The precious metals portfolio is tailored to each individual’s retirement plan goals.

Depending on your risk appetite, you may decide to invest two percent of your portfolio value in gold or precious metals. If you can assume a higher degree of risk, you may elect to invest a higher percentage.

Will you get interested or dividends in a Rosland Capital IRA/precious metals IRA?

If you own physical precious metals, you won’t receive income on these assets. Your Gold IRA increases or declines in value as markets rise or fall.

Does Rosland Capital Hold Any “Gold-Related” Investments?

No, Rosland Capital helps investors buy and hold physical gold and precious metals assets. Your account won’t contain traditional paper assets, e.g. stocks or bonds.
Your precious metals are purchased from Rosland Capital and placed in the Gold IRA or precious metals retirement plan account.

Is It Okay to Store Gold or Precious metals from Rosland Capital at My Home?

Yes, if you are purchasing precious metals or gold for a regular customer account. If you aren’t buying gold and precious metals for your retirement plan, you may elect to privately store them.

In a retirement plan account, IRS strict laws and regulations pertaining to third-party storage. Rosland Capital’s year of experience and security credentials help you to protect your precious metals assets for retirement.

How Do Clients Track Precious Metals and Gold Investments from Rosland Capital?

Precious metals and gold prices fluctuate during the day. It can be challenging for clients to track the prices and markets for precious metals.

When you have questions, your Rosland Capital representative is there to provide the latest trading prices for gold and precious metals.

Final thoughts Rosland Capital Review

If you’re considering investing retirement funds in gold and precious metals, you need good information.

This Rosland Capital Review is your introduction to the precious metals and gold trading business.

Investor scams have surfaced over the years. It’s important to know that Rosland Capital is an established business with top rankings.

Rosland Capital is a registered business that’s continuously reviewed by state, regional, and federal regulatory agencies.

When it comes to investing your retirement funds in gold or precious metals, it’s always best to go with a tried-and-true company like Rosland capital.

Investors should know that physical precious metals can retain their value for decades at a time. Precious metals routinely perform well in inflationary environments. You definitely cannot say this about putting your money in a savings or money market fund today.

Most importantly, Rosland Capital is a real company. They’re not a scam. For more insights on another leading precious metals company, check out our review of Provident Metals.

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Our rating: 4.5/5

four and a half out of five stars