Our Complete review of American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold states that it is the country's largest retailer of IRA-approved gold and silver, which can be purchased by investors to help increase their portfolio's security due to the counteractive nature they tend to have to falling stock market prices.

Clients can choose from a gold IRA or a silver IRA, and they can both be funded using the savings from a current retirement plan, also known as a rollover.

Or, if you are looking to invest in precious metals outside of an IRA, you could simply opt to have your gold and silver coins and bars discreetly delivered to your residence.

Our review of American Hartford Gold in a few words

Company name: American Hartford Gold

BBB grade: A+

Summary: Do we recommend American Hartford Gold as one of the best precious metals companies to work with? We do, for their hundreds of positive customer reviews, access to the company's top executives for the most experienced advice, and they offer to buy back your gold and silver.

However, be sure to speak with their different specialists to find the best one for you, double check the price you are being charged for your precious metals before you buy, and if you already know what precious metals you want to buy, then stick to it.

Our rating: 4.5/5

a 4.5 stars review sign out of 5
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Commitment to Quality Service and Fair Pricing

American Hartford Gold company logo

The company also promises to help each individual customize their buys based on their unique situation for the best outcome. They state that, in addition, each customer can also expect quality service and reasonable markups on their products.

Free Educational Resources On-Site

American Hartford Gold 2023 information guide about precious metals investing and gold IRAs

Investors can also get a head start on their gold and silver knowledge to accompany the professional insight provided by their team of experts by visiting the company's site, where they will find the latest news on the gold market and more.

You can also sign up to receive a free 25-page Gold and Silver Guide to further help you make the wisest precious metals choices.

Buyback Program With No Additional Liquidation Fees

American Hartford Gold also has a buyback program, which allows clients to sell their gold and silver back to the company hassle-free. Therefore, they state that they encourage their clients to consider them first when they are ready to sell their precious metals.

Their clients are also not charged added liquidation fees when they sell back their precious metals to the company, which they boast can be done quickly using their simple 3-step process.

Ranked #1 on Inc. 5000's List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies

American Hartford Gold number 1 gold company on Inc.5000s list of Americas Fastest Growing private companies

American Hartford Gold is also proud to have been nominated Inc.5000's #1 Best Gold Company rating for 2019 and 2021.

They are also ranked as America's 140th fastest-growing company in its financial division.

Other Pros about American Hartford Gold:

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

As a customer of American Hartford Gold, the company promises that you will receive nothing but the best silver and gold coins. They also state that you will receive them at the best prices for a value buy.

If for some reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, they state that it is also backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

No Minimum Gold IRA Contribution Amount

Many gold and silver IRA companies require a minimum investment to open an account with them and begin making purchases with your IRA.

However, American Hartford Gold does not set a specific minimum order size for their Gold IRA. Hence, we take it this means you can transfer some or all of the funds from your previous plan to their Gold IRA. It's all up to you.

Clients Benefit From The Company's Executive Leadership

According to Bill OReilly American Hartford Gold is the best precious metals dealer in USA

As if having their knowledgeable IRA specialists at your disposal wasn't enough to help ensure you learn all there is to know about investing in precious metals, the company boasts that their clients also have access to the industry expertise of their top executives for making even smarter purchases like a pro.

An unmatched expertise in the precious metals field

In fact, together, their executives have over 10 years of experience working with both individuals and corporations in the precious metals industry, so they are more than equipped to provide you with the latest market occurrences and historical data on gold and silver for the most dependable advice.

They also add that their Chief Executive Officer, Sanford Mann, is known for his high ethical standards and commitment to customer satisfaction, which is responsible for the company's impressive growth in the industry.

Meanwhile, the President, founder, and coin collector himself, Scott Gerlis, is also known for his love of community, which they boast also contributes to his strong work principles, while his love of history and economics is what drives his mission to help people understand how precious metals can help protect their retirement savings.

You Are Partnered With Equity Trust As Your Custodian

IRS rules state that as an owner of a self-directed IRA, you must have a custodian to oversee your account and make your precious metals purchases on your behalf in order for you to benefit from any tax benefits associated with your retirement account.

Therefore, once you sign up for a gold IRA account with American Hartford Gold, you will be partnered with their preferred custodian, which is Equity Trust.

Equity Trust is a leader in the self-directed IRA industry, with over 30 years of administration and management experience and over $25 billion in assets under its belt.

Your Choice of Secure IRS-Approved Depositories

As per IRS rules for a self-directed IRA, your precious metals must also be stored in a secure, third-party depository for safekeeping until you reach age 59 1/2 to qualify for tax deferment. Hence, you will also have to choose a secure depository to store your gold and silver.

The IRS-approved depositories that American Hartford Gold works with include:

  • Brink's
  • Delaware Depository
  • International Depository Services Group

Each depository charges different storage fees based on the size of your account. However, in some situations, free storage may also be available.

You may also be charged more to store silver coins and bullion because they take up more space in the depository than gold.

Some depositories also offer segregated storage, which allows you to have your precious metals stored separately from all other customers' gold and silver. However, this will also result in higher storage fees.

Use Their Free Precious Metals Charts to Analyze Gold and Silver Prices and Determine the Best Time to Buy

The American Hartford Gold website also features interactive gold charts, silver charts, and platinum charts to track their market trends and performance over time compared to stocks and other assets.

This way, you can see for yourself if diversifying your portfolio with gold, silver, and other precious metals is right for you.

They also have a live precious metals price ticker on their site to keep track of their current prices throughout the day to determine the most beneficial time to invest for you.

Their Cons:

No List of Service Fees On Their Site

When a precious metals company omits its fees on its site, it can leave you wondering if maybe it is because they are so high that they are out of the average person's budget.

Or you may wonder if their prices are trustworthy compared to a companies like Goldco or American Bullion that list their fees, which makes you feel like everyone at least receives the same base price for their services.

It also means you have to contact the company directly to get their prices, which can make you dread doing so because it may simply be that they want to pressure you to buy when you are not yet feeling confident enough to.

Hence, though it makes sense that their fees will vary by situation, which makes it difficult to provide you with an exact price for their services on their site, it would still be nice to at least have a general idea of their fees so that you can feel more confident when contacting them knowing it is not because they want to pressure you to buy.

Is American Hartford Gold a Scam?

American Hartford Gold holds a BBB accreditation as well as their highest A+ business rating, which is typically a sign that it is a real company that offers real services and cares about its reputation with customers.

In fact, the BBB is a reputable organization that many people turn to, to check a company's standing when determining whether to do business with them or not. Hence, any business worth its weight in gold holds accreditation with the BBB.

The company also has over 350 customer reviews shared on the site, with an overall rating of 4.95/5. Thus, it's another good sign the company is thriving and real.

According to Consumer Affairs' reviews

We also checked the Consumer Affairs webpage and found that American Hartford Gold has more than 50 customer reviews on their site and an overall rating of 4.8/5, which shows that many people there have also used their services and they are most likely not a scam.

What about their reviews on TrustPilot, Google, Facebook and Yelp?

The company also has over 1,000 customer reviews on the Trustpilot site. However, again, none of the testimonies stated that they felt scammed by the company. In fact, they also have a 5.0 overall rating on the site, which shows that, if anything, many customers were satisfied with their business.

We also found no mentions of American Hartford Gold being a scam on Facebook, Yelp, and Google.

Hence, given all the positive customer feedback on various reputable review sites, we conclude that American Hartford Gold has plenty of sound proof to support that it is not a scam.

How is Their Customer Support?

American Hartford Gold promises that they provide unmatched customer service centered on trust, integrity, and transparency, with the overall goal of ensuring their clients are completely satisfied.

After sifting through their many customer reviews on various reputable sites, we found that many clients agreed that that's exactly what they experienced when working with the company.

What BBB Customer Reviewers Have to Say About Hartford Gold's Customer Support?

One customer on BBB shared how they felt their agent was knowledgeable, professional, and helpful even when faced with difficulties during their rollover from a previous plan.

Another customer, who was referred to the company by another client, also stated how patient their specialist was and how everything was explained to them in a way that, even they, as a new investor of precious metals, easily understood.

They also hailed their professionalism, concluding that they would also happily recommend American Hartford Gold to others.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Have to Say About American Hartford Gold's Customer Support?

American Hartford Golds Excellent rating and 5 stars review sign from TrustPilot based on 1124 reviews

And then, a reviewer on Trustpilot shared how great their customer service was throughout the entire account setup process and how confident they felt as a result, which left them looking forward to continuing to work with the company in the future.

What Consumer Affairs Reviewers Have to Say About American Hartford Gold's Customer Support?

A few customers on Consumer Affairs also shared their positive experiences with the company, including how they had the best prices and a helpful, knowledgeable, and professional staff.

What Yelp Customer Reviewers Have to Say About American Hartford Gold's Customer Support?

On Yelp, several customers stated how hassle-free their account setup process was, which helped take the fear out of investing in precious metals. Some customers also ended by saying that they would also recommend the company to their loved ones who are looking to increase their portfolio's diversification.

Meanwhile, another customer also stated how considerate their IRA department was and that they were even able to speak with the company's CEO directly.

What Facebook Customer Reviewers Have to Say About American Hartford Gold's Customer Support?

We also found one customer review on Facebook that shared that they were able to get started with just $500 but still felt they received a comparable experience to investors with a larger initial investment, thus also supporting the company's claims that each of their customers is treated fairly.

Therefore, with hundreds of customers across various consumer review sites convinced that they received nothing but the best customer service from American Hartford Gold, how could we not conclude that their customer support must be good?

Has There Been Any Complaints About American Hartford Gold?

American Hartford Gold company has been on Consumers Advocate Forbes The First Consumer Affairs

As we explored the web for positive customer reviews on American Hartford Gold, we couldn't help but notice that the company does also have a few customer complaints.

In fact, the company's BBB profile shows that of their 361 customer reviews, 22 of them were customer complaints that were filed within the last 3 years.

However, 10 of them were closed in the last 12 months, and the company also has a 100% Business Response rating with the site, which means they are highly responsive to resolving their customers' issues.

Of the complaints filed with the BBB, the main issues seemed to involve customers feeling they were charged more than the price listed on the company's site.

Are their silver products more expensive than other precious metals dealer?

Meanwhile, another customer on Yelp stated that they were okay with the company's gold prices but felt the markup on their silver products was seriously inflated.

They also said they felt pressured to buy more precious metals than they wanted during their call with the company. And at least one other customer on a different review site stated how they felt pressured to buy different precious metals than they wanted.

Finally, there was also one customer on Consumer Affairs who shared that the service they received from their representative was less than stellar. However, they also stated that, after contacting the company concerning their treatment, the customer complaint department was so skilled at handling the issue that they increased their rating of the company by one star.

What about American Hartford Gold's current lawsuit?

We also looked for customer complaints on Facebook, Trustlink, and Trustpilot and found none. No complaints or lawsuits also came up concerning American Hartford Gold on the attorney general's site or other .gov websites.

To sum up our review of American Hartford Gold

Hundreds of Positive Customer Reviews

We end our review with the overall opinion that American Hartford Gold is a reputable precious metals company to work with based on its impressive array of positive customer reviews.

However, because there were also several complaints concerning their prices, you may want to consider speaking with a representative to ensure the current precious metals price listed on the company's site is the price you will be charged.

And then, double-check the price again before actually making your purchase to avoid surprises.

Some complaints also came up about different representatives, so you may also consider speaking with more than one specialist to find the best one for you.

Customers Benefit From the Expertise of Their Top Executives

There were also a few complaints from customers who felt pressured to buy precious metals different than what they wanted or in amounts more than they wanted. Hence, if you already know what precious metals you want to buy, be ready to stand firm in your choices.

Otherwise, if you are new to investing in precious metals, you may benefit from the skilled recommendations and advice of their IRA specialists and company executives to help you make the best purchases for you.

They Offer a Buyback Program to Help Make Liquidating Your Precious Metals Less Stressful

We also like that, in most cases, the company offers to buy back your precious metals, which helps take the stress out of finding a buyer when you are ready to receive cash for your investments.

Our rating: 4.5/5

a 4.5 stars review sign out of 5