Allegiance Gold Review

According to the Allegiance Gold company, they’ve made it their mission to help their customers diversify their retirement accounts and build their wealth by investing in gold, silver, and other prominent naturally occurring metals.

This way, they have more control over their financial future for a comfortable retirement.

The company boasts that through its efforts, it has successfully helped thousands of investors supplement their retirements with metals, during which time their quality service has also earned them the reputation as the most trusted gold IRA company in their market.

To summarize about Allegiance Gold

Company name: Allegiance Gold

BBB grade: A+

Summary: For a precious metal company with over 50 years of experience that even their customers’ state makes a difference, we suggest you look to Allegiance Gold when seeking to own gold, silver, and more.

They also only work with the industry’s leading custodians and depositories for IRA investors, while non-IRA investors enjoy fast, discreet shipping of their coins and bars to their homes. However, no matter which type of investor you are, they promise access to the most quality products.

We also like that you can check their charges on their site to help make it easier to know if they are the right company for you before you contact them. But to find out their minimum investment requirements, you will need to talk to one of their representatives.

Our score: 4/5

four out of five stars
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Should you work with Allegiance Gold in 2024?

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A Learning Center and Other Educational Investor Resources On Their Site

Potential clients of Allegiance Gold can also get a jump start on learning all they need to know about investing in gold IRAs and more via the various learning resources provided on the company’s site.

Here, you will learn the benefits of investing in a gold IRA, how to open an account, and the different types of coins, bars, and other physical products available to help you plan your retirement.

They also have a blog section and video libraries on their page, which can also be used to help you delve deeper into the world of precious metals and more for better decision-making with your investments.

You can also sign up to receive an investment guide to help supplement the expert knowledge supplied by your senior portfolio manager for the most widespread understanding to help you choose the best assets.

Allegiance Golds investment guide

They Have More Than 3 Decades of Experience in the Field

Allegiance Gold’s senior management, which includes former investment and financial service experts, brings over 50 years of experience to the company.

The company states that this combined level of experience has enabled them to complete over a million dollars worth of transactions through the years, thus excelling them as a leader in the industry.

Their Clients Benefit From Customized Solutions

As a client of their company, they promise that you will also benefit from customized investment solutions based on our specific profile.

This way, your selections are designed to meet your own unique needs rather than a one-size-fits-all solution that may not be right for you.

Their Account Managers Can Let You Know if Your Retirement Account is Eligible for a Rollover to a Gold IRA and Then Assist You With the Process

Allegiance gold company logo

Though many retirement plans are eligible to be rolled over into a gold IRA, some accounts are not eligible.

Hence, if you do not own a Roth IRA, traditional IRA, Simple IRA, 401k, or another major retirement plan and are not sure if your plan qualifies to be transferred to an Allegiance Gold account, simply contact a company representative, and they will gladly let you know.

In the meantime, if your retirement account does qualify for a rollover, your account manager will help you complete all necessary paperwork so that it is done correctly and on time to avoid delays and tax penalties.

Allegiance Gold’s pros:

They Offer Some of the Most In-Demand Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

some of their fine gold coins

Allegiance Gold boasts that they offer some of the most in-demand coins and bars for non-IRA investors looking to also reap the benefits of owning such investments.

Meanwhile, their high desirability increases the chance of them being easily traded for currency when you are ready to do so.

As a non-IRA account holder, you will also receive your products via fully insured shipping in discreet, protective packaging for complete confidence.

Your package will also include a tracking number to track its delivery progress to your door.

They Also Offer IRA-Approved Products

Not all coins and bars are approved by the IRS to be added to an IRA. Therefore, you need to work with a company that also offers specific products that meet their standards for purity and production to ensure your account is compliant.

Allegiance Gold states that it also offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion, coins, bars, and rounds that are specifically IRA-approved to help make the search for the right metals for your account much easier.

They Also Work With IRA-Approved Depositories to Securely Store Your Assets

Once you purchase hard assets for your IRA, they must also be stored in an IRA-approved storage facility until you retire, according to IRS rules.

Allegiance Gold states they work with the nation’s most recognized depositories for the maximum security and protection of your IRA assets until you are ready to take hold of them.

These highly recognized depositories include Brinks, International Depository Services, and the Delaware Depository, which were chosen for their solid record of safely storing precious metals, stringent security measures, and up to $1 billion insurance coverage against all losses, damage, theft, and other risks while in their care.

They also provide segregated accounts, which means the gold, silver, and other assets you are shown when you make your transactions are the actual products you will receive when you retire.

Your company representative can also help you choose the best depository for you based on their specific services, storage charges, location, and other amenities.

They Work With the Industry’s Leading Custodians

As part of your gold IRA account, you will also need to choose a custodian to carry out your product transactions, ship them to the depository, and keep track of all paperwork needed by the IRS to keep your plan eligible.

STRATA Trust and GoldStar are leading self-directed IRA companies that Allegiance Gold works with. These custodians are hailed for their superior investor services, and they have each also held up to $1 billion in client assets in their custody to date.

Your custodian will also provide you with paper account statements each quarter to keep track of your holdings. They also allow you to view your account online whenever you want.

They Include Their Charges on Their Site

Allegiance Gold states that their charge for storage is flat-rate based, no matter the balance on your account.

Their charges also only appear on your statement once a year, which includes:

  • A $95 charge for the maintenance of your account
  • A storage charge by the depository for accounts with precious metals worth no more than $100,000.
  • Bank wire and shipping charges not included.

However, the company states that on some transactions, your third-party charges will be waived. So be sure to ask your Allegiance Gold representative if your account transaction qualifies.

They Have a Buyback Policy

When you are ready to trade your hard assets for monetary gain, Allegiance Gold states that they will repurchase them from you, provided they were originally obtained from their company.

However, they do not guarantee they will repurchase any precious metals. But if they do, they state that their offer for the assets will vary based on both the current and projected future market value of the items, as well as other conditions affecting the business.

They also promise to make the process very simple to do via a streamlined process.


We Didn’t See a Minimum Investment Requirement on Their Site

Though Allegiance Gold lists their charges on its site, we couldn’t find any mention of their minimum investment requirements.

However, this is important to know so that you don’t waste your time contacting the company only to learn that their minimum investment requirements are out of your range.

Is Allegiance Gold a Scam?

One clear sign that a company may be a fraud is if it is not registered with the Better Business Bureau. This is because the BBB is an independent organization that uses its own set of strict standards to rate how ethical a business may be in order to help protect consumers.

Hence, if a company is registered with the BBB, knowing this, it typically means they have nothing to hide and are providing a legitimate service.

The higher their BBB rating means, the more they were found to be less likely a threat to consumers by the organization for greater confidence when choosing them.

What We Found on Allegiance Gold With the Better Business Bureau

When checking online for an Allegiance Gold Better Business Bureau page, we found that their company profile is listed with them and that they also hold their accreditation, which they have held since 2018.

They also have the BBB’s highest company rating of an A+.

What We Found On Allegiance Gold With .Gov Sites

Of the search results returned related to Allegiance Gold being a scam, several .gov fraud advisory sites also came up, including,,, and

However, none of their titles or webpage summaries included the company’s name in it in regard to any fraud alerts or lawsuits.

What We Found on Allegiance Gold With Trustlink, Business Consumer Alliance, Yelp, and Google Reviews

No customer complaints concerning Allegiance Gold being a fraud came up on Trustlink, Business Consumer Alliance, or Yelp.

However, on Google Reviews, one customer out of 45 left a review stating they felt that the two company representatives they worked with engaged in fraudulent practices with them during their experience.

But all in all, Allegiance Gold has many positive customer testimonies showing their support of it as an honest and legitimate company.

How is Their Customer Support?

The founders of Allegiance Gold state that their principles are based on providing outstanding customer support and ongoing dedication to excellence, which can be seen by their intent focus on placing the needs of their clients first.

Hence, we turned to their customer feedback to see what their clients had to say.

What Reviewers on Trustlink Had to Say About Allegiance Gold’s Customer Support

On Trustlink, we found 44 customer testimonies for Allegiance Gold, and an overwhelming majority of them were positive.

In fact, many of them boasted that the company was helpful, friendly, considerate, and had extensive market knowledge, which in addition to how simple they made it to obtain coins and bars through them, resulted in a great customer experience.

A few customers also stated how they loved their products, and another majority of customers boasted about how reasonable their pricing is.

What Reviewers on the Better Business Bureau Site Had to Say About Allegiance Gold’s Customer Support

We also found 5 customer comments for the company on their BBB page, which were all also positive, resulting in a 5/5 star rating.

Some of the things their customers shared about them included how good, honest, helpful, and knowledgeable their employers were, which helped make for a pleasant transaction.

A few others also stated how easy they made the ordering process and that they were impressed with the quality of their products. They added that they also received fast shipping and discreet packaging as the company advertises.

What Users on Business Consumer Alliance Had to Say About About Allegiance Gold’s Customer Support

Allegiance Gold also has 3 customer comments on Business Consumer Alliance’s site. However, all of them shared how great their service was, which resulted in an overall amazing customer experience.

What Reviewers on Google Reviews Had to Say About Allegiance Gold’s Customer Support

45 customers on Google Reviews also shared their experiences with the company, which were also mostly positive.

We found several testimonies that touted how professional, obliging, and patient their team members were when helping them select great coins for their investment goals, which made them good and easy to work with.

Many customers also stated that their products are quality, and a few others shared how fast their delivery was.

What Users on Yelp Had to Say About Allegiance Gold’s Customer Support

Yelp users, which currently only include 2, also had nothing but positive things to say about their experience with Allegiance Gold, including how great of a job they did in helping them select great coins and other products.

They also shared how trustworthy they felt when dealing with them due to their professionalism, expertise, and straightforwardness throughout the process.

Has There Been Any Complaints About Allegiance Gold?

Yes. Allegiance Gold also has a few customer complaints.

1 Customer Complaint With the BBB

On their BBB page, they have 1 complaint that has been filed against them within the last 3 years. However, there is no summary of the complaint. But it does show that it was closed during the last 12 months.

It also shows that the company has a business response rate of 100%, which means they are effective at rectifying any customer issues.

1 Customer Complaint With Google Reviews

There is also one customer on Google Reviews that stated they had a bad experience with the company involving what they felt was fraudulent service.

No Customer Complaints on Trustlink, Business Consumer Alliance, or Yelp

In the meantime, we were unable to find any customer complaints on Trustlink, Business Consumer Alliance, or Yelp.

No Official Complaints With Major Government Sites

As we stated earlier, we also did not find any official complaints or lawsuits against Allegiance Gold with any .gov site.


They Offer High-Quality Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Products

We like that Allegiance Gold’s many customers state that they received nothing but quality products when dealing with the company, as per their promise to offer the most in-demand coins and bars, which helps ensure quick liquidity for both IRA and non-IRA investors when they are ready to trade them for currency.

They Have a Buyback Policy

The company also advises you to check with them when you are ready to liquidate your physical assets because they may be able to help you, provided you obtained them from them and other conditions apply.

This way, it helps takes the guesswork out of finding a reputable dealer to accept your metals for trade when you are ready.

They Work With Industry-Leading Custodians and IRA-Approved Depositories

Not only does Allegiance Gold state that it works with the industry’s leading custodians and depositories, which is required by the IRS as part of owning a gold IRA, but they also include a list of their preferred ones on their site so you can do your own research.

We also like that their chosen depositories offer the utmost security and full coverage insurance while your coins and bars are in their care for increased confidence.

They Only Have 2 Customer Complaints That We Could Find

It is impressive that our thorough research of Allegiance Gold only revealed 2 customer complaints out of over 40 customer reviews.

We also liked that the company has a business response rate of 100% on their BBB page, which means they care about their customers’ satisfaction.

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